Czech Republic - Producer Price Index (PPI)

Czech Republic: Producer Price Index (PPI)

Mnemonic PPI.ICZE
Unit Index 2015=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.51 %
Data Jan 2018 99.1
Dec 2017 98.6

Series Information

Source The Czech Statistical Office (CZSO)
Release Producer Price Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 2/29/1992
End Date 1/31/2018

Czech Republic: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Apr 2020 111 111.2 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Producer Price Index (PPI) Jan 2018 99.1 98.6 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index 2016 100.99 104.4 Index 2010 = 100 Annual

Release Information

The producer price index (PPI) measures the change in prices at which Czech producers sell their industrial output in the domestic market.

Increase (or decrease) of industrial producer prices indicates by how many % the average level of industrial prices increased (or decreased) in the surveyed month in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

Data are disseminated on the Industrial Producer Price Index (three bases: December 2005 = 100, 2005 average = 100 and 2015 = 100), a modified Laspeyres index. In addition, the indices with base 1995 average = 100, 2000 average = 100 and 2015=100 are calculated.

The index is published broken down according to the CZ-CPA classification.

The constant time base for the PPI is 2015 = 100. A 2005 average = 100 has also been introduced which is recalculated from the constant time base.

The data are not seasonally adjusted.

The prices of industrial producers are surveyed monthly on the basis of data provided by the selected organizations (about 1200) for the selected representatives (about 4800). The reported prices are those agreed upon between the supplier and the customer inland. They exclude VAT, excise tax, costs of transport to the customer and costs incidental to the transport, and are invoiced for the more important trade cases.

The industrial producer price index is calculated from the reported prices using constant weights. The index measures the average trend in prices of all industrial products produced and sold in the domestic, Czech market. All products produced within the commodity groups of the categories B to E of CZ-NACE are regarded as industrial products.

During the year 2016 a complex standard revision of industrial producer price indices had taken place. On its base, the price indices are calculated on the new 2015 constant weights since January 2017.

Technical indices calculated with the base December 2010 = 100 were replaced by the new technical price indices with the price base December 2015 = 100. Indices calculated that way are chained from the 4-digit level of CZ-CPA to the new index base 2015 average = 100 and the existing indices with the base 2005 average = 100 and thus continuation of the present time series is ensured.

The base time series for the calculation of the derived indices (month-on-moth, year-on-year and ratio of rolling averages) is 2015 average = 100.

Indices for the period 2017 – 2021 are calculated on the 2015 weights with price base December 2015 = 100 and index base 2015 average = 100. Indices are also calculated and published in accordance with the classification CZ-CPA 2015. Previous indices are still valid.