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Economy.com® provides real-time coverage of the global economy, including in-depth analysis of more than 300 economic indicators events, topics and long-term trends, plus forecasts by Mark Zandi and the Moody's Analytics team.


Both Barron's and Forbes have named Economy.com the premier destination on the web for economic analysis. Our economists have also been recognized by MarketWatch and Bloomberg.


For nearly 20 years, Economy.com has been the preferred resource for a generation of bankers, CEOs, CFOs, credit risk managers, strategic planners, wealth managers, investors, academics, and government officials. Subscribers rely on Economy.com to enhance their decision-making, get insight on critical issues and access data.


Our economists provide objective, stimulating, jargon-free analysis of current economic and financial events worldwide. They are especially adept at explaining economic concepts to nontraditional or occasional users of economic information.


Economy.com provides coverage through four editions and is updated around the clock by economists and data specialists based in the U.S., London, Prague and Sydney, covering all major regions and economies.


  • Immediate reporting and in-depth analysis of more than 300 economic indicators.
  • Real-time coverage of important economic events.
  • In-depth commentary and insight on key issues.
  • Economic calendars with personalization options.
  • Macro forecasts and outlooks.
  • Coverage of the Fed and central banks.
  • Email alerts for indicator releases and analysis.

What our Subscribers Say:
"...Economy.com enables us to quickly understand the main drivers of a wide range of economies, and makes an invaluable contribution to our macroeconomic and real estate forecasting work."

Andrew Goodwin, DTZ Research
"...Economy.com's analysis is both accurate and insightful, often prompting us to reassess our initial interpretations."

Paul Kennedy, INVESCO Real Estate
Economy.com is like having a team of economists on your staff."

John Boritzke, M&I Investment Management Corp.


of the world's economies.

Our Experts


Mark Zandi
Chief Economist,
of Moody's Analytics


Steven Cochrane
Managing Director,
at Moody's Analytics


Sophia Koropeckyj
Managing Director,
at Moody's Analytics


Scott Hoyt
Senior Director,
at Moody's Analytics


Ruth Stroppiana
Senior Director,
at Moody's Analytics