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Dismal Scientist: Trusted daily by Fortune Global 500 companies, named the premier destination on the web for economic analysis by Barron’s and Forbes, and ranked by MarketWatch and Bloomberg among the best in the nation for "Top Forecasting", "Most Accurate Forecasters" and "Top Economists."
Join a generation of bankers, CEOs, CFOs, government officials, investment, wealth, asset and credit risk managers.
"...the Dismal Scientist enables us to quickly understand the main drivers of a wide range of economies, and makes an invaluable contribution to our macroeconomic and real estate forecasting work."

Andrew Goodwin, DTZ Research
"...Dismal's analysis is both accurate and insightful, often prompting us to reassess our initial interpretations."

Paul Kennedy, INVESCO Real Estate
"The Dismal Scientist is like having a team of economists on your staff."

- John Boritzke, M&I Investment Management Corp.