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Monitors, indicators and Interactive calculators to help
you keep track of important global financial and economic trends.
QDE: Quick & Dirty Economy®
Snapshot views of the world's major economies.

State, Metro, and Zip Code Profiles
Economic data tables summarizing the health of any given geographic location.
Data available for all states, metropolitan areas, and zip codes.

World GDP Rankings
GDP figures for 176 countries, all 50 US states (plus DC and Puerto Rico),
and 318 US metropolitan areas.

How Strong Is Your Local Economy?
Find the probability of recession for states and selected metro areas.

Stock Market Calculator
Is the market undervalued? Still overvalued? Use your own inputs
with our exclusive stock market calculator.

Taylor Rule Calculator
Estimate short-term interest rates as economic conditions change.

Business Cycle Status Map
Tracking the business cycle across U.S. states and metropolitan areas.