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About is a free service provided by Moody's Analytics. Free Lunch provides a easy-to-use interface to download financial and economic data from a variety of reliable sources.

About Moody's Analytics
Moody’s Analytics helps capital markets and credit risk management professionals worldwide respond to an evolving marketplace with confidence. Through its team of economists, Moody’s Analytics is a leading independent provider of data, analysis, modeling and forecasts on national and regional economies, financial markets, and credit risk.

About Our Data Services
Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive and extensive historical and forecast data at the national and subnational/regional levels representing over 93% of global GDP. We cover more than 180 countries, over 150 global metro areas, all U.S. states, metro areas and counties. Our databases contain more than 200 million economic, financial, demographic and consumer credit time series, with 10 million added every year.

Most of our data series can be purchased with a credit card at our online store. Our forecast data can be purchased through a sales representative, via invoice or by contacting us.

About Our Delivery Applications
Moody's Analytics suite of data analysis and delivery applications features robust, simple-to-use user interfaces that allow you to quickly find, chart, and download data. Moody's Analytics solutions allow you the flexibility to work within our systems or to hook directly into your current environment.

Client Service & Support
To aid our clients, we have a dedicated help line that clients can call with questions. Clients can speak directly to the data specialist responsible for the updates, to receive fast, reliable answers. Our staff is trained to help with complicated questions and will make certain that all questions are answered quickly and accurately. Live Help is also available directly from our website.

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