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If you have questions other than those addressed on this page, please email us.

Q.   Do I need to register to use
Yes, to view and download both's free economic data and our premium data, we ask that you register.
Q. I'm having trouble registering. What can I try?
A. relies on cookies both for authentication and for your data basket management. This means that you must have cookies enabled on your browser to be able to login and to use If you have cookies enabled, you may also try deleting your cookies.

Concerned about our use of cookies? Moody's Analytics values your privacy and security on the web. Review our privacy policy here.

Q. How do I can I find data series?
Browse or search our available series, and when you find ones that you want, add them to your basket. When you have added all the series that you want to the basket, will add the desired data to an Excel spreadsheet, which you can then download.
Q.How many series can I have in a basket?
There is no limit to the number of series you can download, but you can only have 25 series in your basket at any time. If you need to download more than 25 series, you will have to do so in batches of 25.

Moody's Analytics offers subscription historical and forecast data services which come bundled with easy-to-use and more robust data retrieval and analysis interfaces.

Learn more about Moody's Analytics complete data services here.

Q. Does have any support services available?
A. does not offer support, either technical or analytical.

Moody's Analytics offers technical and analytical support to subscribers of Moody's Analytics historical and forecast data services.

Learn more about Moody's Analytics complete data services here.

Q. The data series that I downloaded were set to a default time range. How can I change that range?
A. You cannot change the data specifications on However, you can change the elements of how data gets displayed in Moody's Analytics Research Store.

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