U.S. Housing Market Monitor

Extensive coverage of the U.S. housing market at the regional level, including supply, demand, and early warning signals.

The Housing Market Monitor provides comprehensive analysis of the housing market at the regional level with extensive coverage of key supply and demand drivers. Through this service, clients can assess the near-term prospects for single-family housing in all of the nation's metropolitan areas and metropolitan divisions. It provides a framework for studying the demand-supply balance in distinct regions on a historical basis and provides analysis of house price imbalances and the potential for bubbles. In addition to the detailed analysis, the Housing Market Monitor is supplemented by an extensive database.


Consumer lenders, commercial banks, real estate-dependent firms, insurance firms and government institutions depend on this research and data for strategic/market planning, demand assessment, acquisition/development plans, consumer lending, and general investment research.

  • Identify investment opportunities by identifying geographies with positive supply and demand characteristics.
  • Get an early warning signal for housing conditions in your footprint.
  • Assess the health of the largest asset for consumers in your regions.

Key Features

The Housing Market Monitor is the premier solution for regional comprehensive analysis of the housing market using exclusive house price leading indicators based on Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes from CoreLogic®.

  • Covers mortgage markets, recent developments in housing market and includes national overview.
  • Metropolitan area housing market risk rating based on the Moody's Analytics proprietary indicators update quarterly.
    • Assessment of metropolitan area supply and demand conditions.
    • Indicators of excess supply (number of months of excess supply).
    • Exclusive Metropolitan area house price leading indicators based on Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes.
    • Explicit labeling of metropolitan areas as "overpriced","underpriced" or "balanced."
    • Profiles on selected metropolitan area housing markets.
  • Key housing data updated quarterly:
    • Home sales
    • House price appreciation
    • Household formation
    • Homeownership rates
    • Housing affordability
    • Inventories of homes for sale
    • Inventories-to-sales ratio
    • Speculative building index (starts of for sale but unsold single-family homes as a percent of total for sale starts)
    • Median months on the market
    • Builders' cost index
    • Mortgage originations (purchases and refinances)
    • ARM share of mortgage originations
    • Cash-out refinancing activity
    • Mortgage loan-to-value ratio
    • Federal Reserve survey of banks' lending practices
    • Mortgage delinquencies rates


Monthly updates

  • Housing market overview, covering key issues in the market.

Quarterly updates

  • Mortgage market analysis (February, May, August, November).
  • Proprietary regional risk ratings following the release of the Case-Shiller® quarterly data (January, April, July, October).
  • Key housing data (updates vary by data series).