Poland - Population

Poland: Population

Mnemonic POP.IPOL
Unit #
Annual 0.48 %
Data 2021 38,080,411
2020 38,265,013

Series Information

Source Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)
Release Population - Sub-national - Annual
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1946
End Date 12/31/2021

Poland: Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Births 2022:1 153,657 331,511 # YTD, NSA Annual
Deaths 2022:1 234,437 519,517 # YTD, NSA Annual
Population 2021 38,080,411 38,265,013 # Annual
Net Migration 2017 -50,002 # Annual
Death Rate 2015 10.4 # per Ths. pop. Annual
Birth Rate 2013 9.7 10.1 # per Ths. pop. Annual

Release Information

The dataset provides the annual country and region-level information on total population by age group in Poland.

Population by age group data are provided for all 94 NUTS1-3 territorial units using annual estimates. Total population is available for all 381 LAU1 districts. These data are specified down to a NUTS-5 level and are are based on the last population census data.

GUS defines population as all persons (in total or according to specific features) registered for permanent residence in the given administrative unit and actually residing in such a unit. This also includes persons temporarily staying and registered in such the administrative unit for temporary stay for more than 3 months as of December 31st.

The data are collected by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) through various surveys.

A more detailed methodology can be found at:


Data regarding the size and structure of population are calculated for each gmina using the results of the census; then each year data are computed by balance method according to following schema:
Balance of population for gmina (from the end of the previous period)
+live births
+registration of arrival for permanent stay (from a different gmina or nation)
-registration of departure for permanent stay (from a different gmina or nation)
+(-) modification of population size caused by changes in the administrative division of a country
=Balance of population for gmina (for the end the period).

Balance of population according to the mentioned method is compiled until 2009 for two categories of population:
1. population residing/leaving in a given gmina
2. population registered for permanent stay in a given gmina

Since 2010, the results of the National Population and Housing Census 2011 have been the basis for the population balance and structure. Because the population balance for persons registered for permanent stay is no longer calculated, the methodology for calculating all demographic indices required change, specific facts related to demography and migration are presented in relation the population.

Since the first quarter of 2011, the starting base balance of the state and structure of the population are the results of Census 2011.