Economic Scenario Accelerator

Turn-key platform for generating custom economic scenarios.

Moody's Economic Scenario Accelerator platform enables clients to generate customized, fully specified economic scenarios instantaneously. Using our comprehensive forecast catalog of more than 1,800 detailed economic variables and standardized economic scenarios, clients apply their own forecast assumptions to problems that interest them.

Custom Scenario Generation Made Simple

Input one or several economic variables from any region or country contained in our forecast databases, provide a full list of the drivers needed for analysis, then press a single button to rapidly materialize the numbers. The output will match up to the target variables, given the input numbers are consistent with the relationships defined by our models.


The Moody's Economic Scenario Accelerator platform has broad appeal among customers from different industries such as banking, commercial real estate, utility, local governments, consumer lending, and retail, etc. Applications include:

  • Evaluating shocks
  • Forming contingency plans
  • Preparing forecasts
  • Stress-testing your portfolio
  • Linking the model to your own models.

Key Features

Moody's Economic Scenario Accelerator platform includes our baseline forecast and standard alternative scenarios (updated monthly) as a basis for generating custom scenarios that approach the quality produced by a full-team of economists.

  • "Share down" national-level forecasts to specific regions of the country.
  • Web-based—no software to download or purchase.
  • No mnemonics to learn—just point and click.
  • Values can be imported or manually entered.
  • Interactive charting and data exporting.
  • Monthly updates, reflecting the latest economic data and conditions.

Model Attributes

  • Variables: More than 1,800 detailed economic, demographic and financial time series, including GDP, employment, prices, interest rates, banking, credit quality, construction, industry, as well as household balance sheets and credit quality conditions not found in other large-scale models.
  • Forecast horizon: 30 years
  • Periodicity: Quarterly
  • Updates: Forecasts and scenarios updated monthly.