Qatar - Imports of Goods

Qatar: Imports of Goods

Mnemonic TRIG.IQAT
Unit Mil. QAR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 14.24 %
Data 2022 Q3 -32,053
2022 Q2 -28,057

Series Information

Source Qatar Central Bank
Release Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/2005
End Date 9/30/2022

Qatar: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods 2022 Q3 106,715 97,867 Mil. QAR, NSA Quarterly
Current Account Balance 2022 Q3 62,826 62,809 Mil. QAR, NSA Quarterly
Exports of Goods 2022 Q3 138,768 125,924 Mil. QAR, NSA Quarterly
Imports of Goods 2022 Q3 -32,053 -28,057 Mil. QAR, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

The dataset contains information on the balance of payments of Qatar. Balance of payments is a record of all transactions made between one particular country and rest of the world during a specified period of time.

The data on balance of payments are provided by the Qatar Central Bank and compiled through the information provided / reported by the commercial banks, foreign exchange dealers, administrative records from the Qatar Statistics Authority, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from other departments within the QCB, as well as information provided by selected enterprises.

The data may be subject to revisions.