South Africa - Births

South Africa: Births

Mnemonic BTH.IZAF
Unit #
Annual 4.57 %
Data 2020 1,003,307
2019 1,051,311

Series Information

Source Statistics South Africa (Statistics SA)
Release Vital Statistics - Live Births (Sub-National)
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1993
End Date 12/31/2020

South Africa: Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Net Migration Oct 2021 337,611 291,042 #, NSA Monthly
Births 2020 1,003,307 1,051,311 # Annual
Deaths 2018 454,014 446,544 # Annual
Birth Rate 2016 20.98 21.3 # per Ths. pop. Annual
Death Rate 2016 9.79 10.1 # per Ths. pop. Annual

Release Information

The source publishes monthly and annual data on total birth occurrences in South Africa, in addition to annual data on total birth registrations broken down by the year of the occurrence, province and district municipality. 

Publication P0305 - Recorded Live Births

Geo Coverage: Nation, 11 provinces, 6 districts

From the source:

This statistical release contains key findings on registration-based reporting of live births, occurrence-based reporting of live births, comparison between occurrence eand registration-based reporting of live births and registration-based reporting of live births with geographic breakdown.

The release is based on births registered and collated through the national birth registration system that is maintained by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

Files obtained from the DHA include births registereed within 30 days; births registered from 31 days to 364 days; births registered from age 1 to 14 years; births registered from 15 years; births registered in health facilities; and births that occurred among South Africans outside of South Africa. 

Since March 2013, the Department of Home Affairs has registered births according to the Births and Deaths Registration Amendment Act (Act No. 18 of 2010), which stipulates that a birth must be registered within 30 days from the date of occurrence (Republic of South Africa, 2010). 

The total number of birth registrations consists of both current registrations and late registrations registered at the DHA during a specific year, irrespective of when they occurred. Current registrations are live births occurring in a specific year and registered within the same year. Late registrations are live births registered later than the year of birth. 

Birth occurrences are defined as all births that occur within a specific year (the year in which the birth actually occurred) and are registered at the Department of Home Affairs.

Data is subject to revisions.

The series with descriptions like "Vital Statistics: Births - Registrations where birth occurrence year is YYYY, (#, NSA)" are only updated from 1993 and on, due to the source not reporting updated data for previous years.

For more information, please see Statistics South Africa: