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Estimates Revision: Bahrain - GDP(E) - Partial
Monday, 25 Nov 2019 06:51 ET
By Katie Cristofano
November 2019 -- For the Moody's Analytics estimates of gross domestic product by expenditure approach for Bahrain, we have corrected an error in government consumption (four quarterly series impacted, from 1970).

Motivation: We benchmarked government consumption at constant prices to the wrong series. Because we squeeze to total GDP, estimates for three other series (household consumption, gross capital formation, and change in inventories) have been impacted.

Old methodology: Benchmark to general government final consumption expenditure at current prices (World Bank).

New methodology: Benchmark to general government final consumption expenditure at constant prices (World Bank).

What you will see: All periods revised for government consumption, household consumption, gross capital formation, and changes in inventories at constant prices. 

The estimates reside in the historical catalog:

  • Bahrain » National Accounts » by Expenditure » Moody's Analytics Estimated » Constant prices
and are: 
  • RNACECGAQ.IBHR  = National Accounts: Government consumption, (Mil. 2010 BHD, SAAR)
  • RNACECHAQ.IBHR  = Household consumption
  • RNACEGCFAQ.IBHR = Gross capital formation
  • RNACECIAQ.IBHR  = Change in inventories

Method: See the background documentation in Mnemonic 411

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