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New Data: U.S. - Case-Shiller® HPI "Square" [2009:Q2]
Thursday, 01 Oct 2009 16:59 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
September 30, 2009 -- The Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes dataset expanded its geographic coverage, principally at the Zip code level in Colorado (2,430 new quarterly series).

Table 1. The source created new Case-Shiller Indexes to replace FHFA indexes for the following nine areas in Colorado.  (Fiserv does not itself survey all areas of the U.S.  To create consistent coverage in its "Square" dataset, it infills series with government HPI data.)

Geo Code
CO013 Boulder County (CO)
CO069 Larimer County (CO)
CO077 Mesa County (CO)
CO123 Weld County (CO)
MBLD Boulder; CO MSA
MCOO Colorado Springs; CO MSA
MFOC Fort Collins-Loveland; CO MSA
MGRJ Grand Junction; CO MSA
MGRL Greeley; CO MSA

Table 2.  With the 2009:Q2 update to the Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes "Square" dataset, some 2,430 new series were added.  These apply to the following areas: Colorado state, five Colorado MSAs, nine Colorado counties (and two other counties, in Kentucky and West Virginia), 49 Zip code areas in Wisconsin, and 190 Zip code areas in Washington.

Geo Code
Geo Code
  States   Zip Code Areas in Washington
CO Colorado Z98136 ZIP 98136 (Seattle; WA)
  Metropolitan Statistical Areas Z98144 ZIP 98144 (Seattle; WA)
MBLD Boulder; CO MSA Z98146 ZIP 98146 (Seattle; WA)
MCOO Colorado Springs; CO MSA Z98148 ZIP 98148 (Seattle; WA)
MFOC Fort Collins-Loveland; CO MSA Z98155 ZIP 98155 (Seattle; WA)
MGRJ Grand Junction; CO MSA Z98166 ZIP 98166 (Seattle; WA)
MGRL Greeley; CO MSA Z98168 ZIP 98168 (Seattle; WA)
  Counties Z98177 ZIP 98177 (Seattle; WA)
CO001 Adams County (CO) Z98178 ZIP 98178 (Seattle; WA)
CO013 Boulder County (CO) Z98188 ZIP 98188 (Seattle; WA)
CO035 Douglas County (CO) Z98198 ZIP 98198 (Seattle; WA)
CO037 Eagle County (CO) Z98199 ZIP 98199 (Seattle; WA)
CO041 El Paso County (CO) Z98201 ZIP 98201 (Everett; WA)
CO059 Jefferson County (CO) Z98203 ZIP 98203 (Everett; WA)
CO069 Larimer County (CO) Z98204 ZIP 98204 (Everett; WA)
CO077 Mesa County (CO) Z98205 ZIP 98205 (Everett; WA)
CO123 Weld County (CO) Z98208 ZIP 98208 (Everett; WA)
KY117 Kenton County (KY) Z98223 ZIP 98223 (Arlington; WA)
WV039 Kanawha County (WV) Z98225 ZIP 98225 (Bellingham; WA)
  Zip Code Areas in Wisconsin Z98226 ZIP 98226 (Bellingham; WA)
Z53005 ZIP 53005 (Brookfield; WI) Z98229 ZIP 98229 (Bellingham; WA)
Z53018 ZIP 53018 (Delafield; WI) Z98230 ZIP 98230 (Blaine; WA)
Z53029 ZIP 53029 (Hartland; WI) Z98247 ZIP 98247 (Everson; WA)
Z53045 ZIP 53045 (Brookfield; WI) Z98248 ZIP 98248 (Ferndale; WA)
Z53051 ZIP 53051 (Menomonee Falls; WI) Z98251 ZIP 98251 (Gold Bar; WA)
Z53066 ZIP 53066 (Oconomowoc; WI) Z98252 ZIP 98252 (Granite Falls; WA)
Z53072 ZIP 53072 (Pewaukee; WI) Z98258 ZIP 98258 (Lake Stevens; WA)
Z53089 ZIP 53089 (Sussex; WI) Z98264 ZIP 98264 (Lynden; WA)
Z53110 ZIP 53110 (Cudahy; WI) Z98270 ZIP 98270 (Marysville; WA)
Z53118 ZIP 53118 (Dousman; WI) Z98271 ZIP 98271 (Marysville; WA)
Z53119 ZIP 53119 (Eagle; WI) Z98272 ZIP 98272 (Monroe; WA)
Z53122 ZIP 53122 (Elm Grove; WI) Z98275 ZIP 98275 (Mukilteo; WA)
Z53129 ZIP 53129 (Greendale; WI) Z98290 ZIP 98290 (Snohomish; WA)
Z53130 ZIP 53130 (Hales Corners; WI) Z98292 ZIP 98292 (Stanwood; WA)
Z53132 ZIP 53132 (Franklin; WI) Z98294 ZIP 98294 (Sultan; WA)
Z53146 ZIP 53146 (New Berlin; WI) Z98296 ZIP 98296 (Snohomish; WA)
Z53149 ZIP 53149 (Mukwonago; WI) Z98310 ZIP 98310 (Bremerton; WA)
Z53150 ZIP 53150 (Muskego; WI) Z98311 ZIP 98311 (Bremerton; WA)
Z53151 ZIP 53151 (New Berlin; WI) Z98312 ZIP 98312 (Bremerton; WA)
Z53154 ZIP 53154 (Oak Creek; WI) Z98321 ZIP 98321 (Buckley; WA)
Z53172 ZIP 53172 (South Milwaukee; WI) Z98327 ZIP 98327 (Dupont; WA)
Z53186 ZIP 53186 (Waukesha; WI) Z98328 ZIP 98328 (Eatonville; WA)
Z53188 ZIP 53188 (Waukesha; WI) Z98329 ZIP 98329 (Gig Harbor; WA)
Z53189 ZIP 53189 (Waukesha; WI) Z98332 ZIP 98332 (Gig Harbor; WA)
Z53204 ZIP 53204 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98333 ZIP 98333 (Fox Island; WA)
Z53206 ZIP 53206 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98335 ZIP 98335 (Gig Harbor; WA)
Z53207 ZIP 53207 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98337 ZIP 98337 (Bremerton; WA)
Z53208 ZIP 53208 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98338 ZIP 98338 (Graham; WA)
Z53209 ZIP 53209 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98346 ZIP 98346 (Kingston; WA)
Z53210 ZIP 53210 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98349 ZIP 98349 (Lakebay; WA)
Z53211 ZIP 53211 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98354 ZIP 98354 (Milton; WA)
Z53212 ZIP 53212 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98359 ZIP 98359 (Olalla; WA)
Z53213 ZIP 53213 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98360 ZIP 98360 (Orting; WA)
Z53214 ZIP 53214 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98366 ZIP 98366 (Port Orchard; WA)
Z53215 ZIP 53215 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98367 ZIP 98367 (Port Orchard; WA)
Z53216 ZIP 53216 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98370 ZIP 98370 (Poulsbo; WA)
Z53217 ZIP 53217 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98371 ZIP 98371 (Puyallup; WA)
Z53218 ZIP 53218 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98372 ZIP 98372 (Puyallup; WA)
Z53219 ZIP 53219 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98373 ZIP 98373 (Puyallup; WA)
Z53220 ZIP 53220 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98374 ZIP 98374 (Puyallup; WA)
Z53221 ZIP 53221 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98375 ZIP 98375 (Puyallup; WA)
Z53222 ZIP 53222 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98383 ZIP 98383 (Silverdale; WA)
Z53223 ZIP 53223 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98387 ZIP 98387 (Spanaway; WA)
Z53224 ZIP 53224 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98388 ZIP 98388 (Steilacoom; WA)
Z53225 ZIP 53225 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98390 ZIP 98390 (Sumner; WA)
Z53226 ZIP 53226 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98391 ZIP 98391 (Bonney Lake; WA)
Z53227 ZIP 53227 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98403 ZIP 98403 (Tacoma; WA)
Z53228 ZIP 53228 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98404 ZIP 98404 (Tacoma; WA)
Z53235 ZIP 53235 (Milwaukee; WI) Z98405 ZIP 98405 (Tacoma; WA)
  Zip Code Areas in Washington Z98406 ZIP 98406 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98001 ZIP 98001 (Auburn; WA) Z98407 ZIP 98407 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98002 ZIP 98002 (Auburn; WA) Z98408 ZIP 98408 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98003 ZIP 98003 (Federal Way; WA) Z98409 ZIP 98409 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98004 ZIP 98004 (Bellevue; WA) Z98418 ZIP 98418 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98005 ZIP 98005 (Bellevue; WA) Z98422 ZIP 98422 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98006 ZIP 98006 (Bellevue; WA) Z98424 ZIP 98424 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98007 ZIP 98007 (Bellevue; WA) Z98443 ZIP 98443 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98010 ZIP 98010 (Black Diamond; WA) Z98444 ZIP 98444 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98011 ZIP 98011 (Bothell; WA) Z98445 ZIP 98445 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98012 ZIP 98012 (Bothell; WA) Z98446 ZIP 98446 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98014 ZIP 98014 (Carnation; WA) Z98465 ZIP 98465 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98019 ZIP 98019 (Duvall; WA) Z98466 ZIP 98466 (Tacoma; WA)
Z98020 ZIP 98020 (Edmonds; WA) Z98467 ZIP 98467 (University Place; WA)
Z98021 ZIP 98021 (Bothell; WA) Z98498 ZIP 98498 (Lakewood; WA)
Z98022 ZIP 98022 (Enumclaw; WA) Z98499 ZIP 98499 (Lakewood; WA)
Z98024 ZIP 98024 (Fall City; WA) Z98501 ZIP 98501 (Olympia; WA)
Z98026 ZIP 98026 (Edmonds; WA) Z98502 ZIP 98502 (Olympia; WA)
Z98028 ZIP 98028 (Kenmore; WA) Z98503 ZIP 98503 (Lacey; WA)
Z98029 ZIP 98029 (Issaquah; WA) Z98506 ZIP 98506 (Olympia; WA)
Z98030 ZIP 98030 (Kent; WA) Z98512 ZIP 98512 (Olympia; WA)
Z98032 ZIP 98032 (Kent; WA) Z98513 ZIP 98513 (Olympia; WA)
Z98033 ZIP 98033 (Kirkland; WA) Z98516 ZIP 98516 (Olympia; WA)
Z98034 ZIP 98034 (Kirkland; WA) Z98576 ZIP 98576 (Rainier; WA)
Z98036 ZIP 98036 (Lynnwood; WA) Z98580 ZIP 98580 (Roy; WA)
Z98037 ZIP 98037 (Lynnwood; WA) Z98589 ZIP 98589 (Tenino; WA)
Z98040 ZIP 98040 (Mercer Island; WA) Z98597 ZIP 98597 (Yelm; WA)
Z98042 ZIP 98042 (Kent; WA) Z98604 ZIP 98604 (Battle Ground; WA)
Z98043 ZIP 98043 (Mountlake Terrace; WA) Z98607 ZIP 98607 (Camas; WA)
Z98045 ZIP 98045 (North Bend; WA) Z98629 ZIP 98629 (La Center; WA)
Z98047 ZIP 98047 (Pacific; WA) Z98642 ZIP 98642 (Ridgefield; WA)
Z98055 ZIP 98055 (Renton; WA) Z98660 ZIP 98660 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98056 ZIP 98056 (Renton; WA) Z98661 ZIP 98661 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98057 ZIP 98057 (Renton; WA) Z98662 ZIP 98662 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98058 ZIP 98058 (Renton; WA) Z98663 ZIP 98663 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98059 ZIP 98059 (Renton; WA) Z98664 ZIP 98664 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98065 ZIP 98065 (Snoqualmie; WA) Z98665 ZIP 98665 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98070 ZIP 98070 (Vashon; WA) Z98671 ZIP 98671 (Washougal; WA)
Z98072 ZIP 98072 (Woodinville; WA) Z98675 ZIP 98675 (Yacolt; WA)
Z98074 ZIP 98074 (Sammamish; WA) Z98682 ZIP 98682 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98075 ZIP 98075 (Sammamish; WA) Z98683 ZIP 98683 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98077 ZIP 98077 (Woodinville; WA) Z98684 ZIP 98684 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98087 ZIP 98087 (Lynnwood; WA) Z98685 ZIP 98685 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98092 ZIP 98092 (Auburn; WA) Z98686 ZIP 98686 (Vancouver; WA)
Z98102 ZIP 98102 (Seattle; WA) Z99004 ZIP 99004 (Cheney; WA)
Z98103 ZIP 98103 (Seattle; WA) Z99006 ZIP 99006 (Deer Park; WA)
Z98105 ZIP 98105 (Seattle; WA) Z99022 ZIP 99022 (Medical Lake; WA)
Z98106 ZIP 98106 (Seattle; WA) Z99201 ZIP 99201 (Spokane; WA)
Z98107 ZIP 98107 (Seattle; WA) Z99202 ZIP 99202 (Spokane; WA)
Z98108 ZIP 98108 (Seattle; WA) Z99203 ZIP 99203 (Spokane; WA)
Z98109 ZIP 98109 (Seattle; WA) Z99204 ZIP 99204 (Spokane; WA)
Z98110 ZIP 98110 (Bainbridge Island; WA) Z99205 ZIP 99205 (Spokane; WA)
Z98112 ZIP 98112 (Seattle; WA) Z99206 ZIP 99206 (Spokane; WA)
Z98115 ZIP 98115 (Seattle; WA) Z99207 ZIP 99207 (Spokane; WA)
Z98116 ZIP 98116 (Seattle; WA) Z99208 ZIP 99208 (Spokane; WA)
Z98118 ZIP 98118 (Seattle; WA) Z99212 ZIP 99212 (Spokane; WA)
Z98119 ZIP 98119 (Seattle; WA) Z99216 ZIP 99216 (Spokane; WA)
Z98122 ZIP 98122 (Seattle; WA) Z99217 ZIP 99217 (Spokane; WA)
Z98125 ZIP 98125 (Seattle; WA) Z99218 ZIP 99218 (Spokane; WA)
Z98126 ZIP 98126 (Seattle; WA) Z99223 ZIP 99223 (Spokane; WA)
Z98133 ZIP 98133 (Seattle; WA) Z99224 ZIP 99224 (Spokane; WA)
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