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New Geos: Bulgaria - Metro Areas
Monday, 07 Nov 2011 11:25 ET
By Emma Levert
September 2011 -- We have defined one metropolitan area for Bulgaria (Sofia), per ESPON 1.4.3, as conterminous with the Yugoiztochen NUTS 2 region.

For the purposes of the Moody's Analytics estimated and forecast data products, we have established geography codes for metropolitan areas in Bulgaria.  A formal definition for metropolitan areas is not promulgated by the National Statistical Institute (NSI), but the ESPON 1.4.3 analysis proposed BG41 (the NUTS-code identifier for the NUTS 2 area of Yugozapaden a.k.a. Yugoiztochen) as a proxy for the Functional Urban Area (FUA) of Sofia. 


Table 1. Definition of the Sofia metro area.  We define it as conterminous with Yugoiztochen, one of Bulgaria's six NUTS 2 regions, which in turn consists of five of the nation's 28 NUTS 3 districts.  Note that the districts of Sofia Capital and Sofia are distinct.

Geo Code Description Geo Level NUTS
IBGR_MSOF Sofia MA metro area  
IBGR_YF Yugoiztochen (South East Region) Region NUTS 2
IBGR_BLA    Blagoevgrad District NUTS 3
IBGR_KYU    Kyustendil District NUTS 3
IBGR_PER    Pernik District NUTS 3
IBGR_SST    Sofia Stolitsa (Sofia Capital) District NUTS 3
IBGR_SOF    Sofia District NUTS 3
IBGR_SOF46       Anton Municipality LAU 1
        ... etc. ...    

Table 2. Bulgaria's geographic structure.  We have established geography codes for four NUTS levels (nation, region, district, municipality), plus metropolitan areas.  The codes are distinguishable by wild card.

Level NUTS Count Geo Code Pattern
Nation   1 IBGR
Region NUTS 2 6 IBGR_^^
Districts NUTS 3 28 IBGR_^^^
Municipality LAU 1 260 IBGR_aaann
Metro area   1 IBGR_Maaa


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SourceNational Statistics Institute (NSI) - Republic of Bulgaria
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