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New Data: U.S. - CSI™ "Raw" - New Areas [2009:Q4]
Thursday, 01 Apr 2010 09:50 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
March 31, 2010 -- Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes "Raw" dataset coverage, with the 2009:Q4 update, was enhanced at the county level in the state of New York, and at the Zip code level in Illinois (918 new quarterly series).

A total of 918 new series were added with the March 31st, 2010 update to the "Raw" Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes (CSI™) dataset.  The following summarizes the areas for which new series are now available, mainly in the states of New York and Illinois. 

Please note the non-standard geo codes ("CSI Definition") for four geographic areas; these happen to apply to Super High Tier data.

Geo Code
Geo Code
  Metropolitan Statistical Areas   Zip Code Areas (continued)
MALA Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Z60419 ZIP 60419 (Dolton, IL)
MBIN Binghamton, NY Z60421 ZIP 60421 (Elwood, IL)
MBUF Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY Z60422 ZIP 60422 (Flossmoor, IL)
MELM Elmira, NY Z60423 ZIP 60423 (Frankfort, IL)
MITH Ithaca, NY Z60425 ZIP 60425 (Glenwood, IL)
MKIS Kingston, NY Z60428 ZIP 60428 (Markham, IL)
MPOU Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown, NY Z60429 ZIP 60429 (Hazel Crest, IL)
MROH Rochester, NY Z60431 ZIP 60431 (Joliet, IL)
MSYR Syracuse, NY Z60432 ZIP 60432 (Joliet, IL)
MUTI Utica-Rome, NY Z60433 ZIP 60433 (Joliet, IL)
  County Z60435 ZIP 60435 (Joliet, IL)
NY001 Albany County (NY) Z60436 ZIP 60436 (Joliet, IL)
NY007 Broome County (NY) Z60439 ZIP 60439 (Lemont, IL)
NY027 Dutchess County (NY) Z60440 ZIP 60440 (Bolingbrook, IL)
NY029 Erie County (NY) Z60441 ZIP 60441 (Lockport, IL)
NY053 Madison County (NY) Z60442 ZIP 60442 (Manhattan, IL)
NY055 Monroe County (NY) Z60443 ZIP 60443 (Matteson, IL)
NY063 Niagara County (NY) Z60446 ZIP 60446 (Romeoville, IL)
NY065 Oneida County (NY) Z60448 ZIP 60448 (Mokena, IL)
NY067 Onondaga County (NY) Z60449 ZIP 60449 (Monee, IL)
NY069 Ontario County (NY) Z60451 ZIP 60451 (New Lenox, IL)
NY079 Putnam County (NY) Z60452 ZIP 60452 (Oak Forest, IL)
NY083 Rensselaer County (NY) Z60453 ZIP 60453 (Oak Lawn, IL)
NY087 Rockland County (NY) Z60455 ZIP 60455 (Bridgeview, IL)
NY091 Saratoga County (NY) Z60456 ZIP 60456 (Hometown, IL)
NY093 Schenectady County (NY) Z60457 ZIP 60457 (Hickory Hills, IL)
NY107 Tioga County (NY) Z60458 ZIP 60458 (Justice, IL)
NY117 Wayne County (NY) Z60461 ZIP 60461 (Olympia Fields, IL)
  Zip Code Areas Z60462 ZIP 60462 (Orland Park, IL)
Z08210 ZIP 08210 (Cape May Court House, NJ) Z60463 ZIP 60463 (Palos Heights, IL)
Z08243 ZIP 08243 (Sea Isle City, NJ) Z60464 ZIP 60464 (Palos Park, IL)
Z30224 ZIP 30224 (Griffin, GA) Z60465 ZIP 60465 (Palos Hills, IL)
Z30307 ZIP 30307 (Atlanta, GA) Z60466 ZIP 60466 (Park Forest, IL)
Z38107 ZIP 38107 (Memphis, TN) Z60467 ZIP 60467 (Orland Park, IL)
Z60002 ZIP 60002 (Antioch, IL) Z60468 ZIP 60468 (Peotone, IL)
Z60004 ZIP 60004 (Arlington Heights, IL) Z60469 ZIP 60469 (Posen, IL)
Z60005 ZIP 60005 (Arlington Heights, IL) Z60471 ZIP 60471 (Richton Park, IL)
Z60007 ZIP 60007 (Elk Grove Village, IL) Z60473 ZIP 60473 (South Holland, IL)
Z60008 ZIP 60008 (Rolling Meadows, IL) Z60475 ZIP 60475 (Steger, IL)
Z60010 ZIP 60010 (Barrington, IL) Z60477 ZIP 60477 (Tinley Park, IL)
Z60012 ZIP 60012 (Crystal Lake, IL) Z60478 ZIP 60478 (Country Club Hills, IL)
Z60013 ZIP 60013 (Cary, IL) Z60480 ZIP 60480 (Willow Springs, IL)
Z60014 ZIP 60014 (Crystal Lake, IL) Z60481 ZIP 60481 (Wilmington, IL)
Z60015 ZIP 60015 (Deerfield, IL) Z60482 ZIP 60482 (Worth, IL)
Z60016 ZIP 60016 (Des Plaines, IL) Z60484 ZIP 60484 (University Park, IL)
Z60018 ZIP 60018 (Des Plaines, IL) Z60490 ZIP 60490 (Bolingbrook, IL)
Z60020 ZIP 60020 (Fox Lake, IL) Z60491 ZIP 60491 (Homer Glen, IL)
Z60021 ZIP 60021 (Fox River Grove, IL) Z60501 ZIP 60501 (Summit Argo, IL)
Z60022 ZIP 60022 (Glencoe, IL) Z60505 ZIP 60505 (Aurora, IL)
Z60025 ZIP 60025 (Glenview, IL) Z60506 ZIP 60506 (Aurora, IL)
Z60026 ZIP 60026 (Glenview, IL) Z60510 ZIP 60510 (Batavia, IL)
Z60030 ZIP 60030 (Grayslake, IL) Z60513 ZIP 60513 (Brookfield, IL)
Z60031 ZIP 60031 (Gurnee, IL) Z60523 ZIP 60523 (Oak Brook, IL)
Z60033 ZIP 60033 (Harvard, IL) Z60526 ZIP 60526 (La Grange Park, IL)
Z60035 ZIP 60035 (Highland Park, IL) Z60534 ZIP 60534 (Lyons, IL)
Z60041 ZIP 60041 (Ingleside, IL) Z60538 ZIP 60538 (Montgomery, IL)
Z60042 ZIP 60042 (Island Lake, IL) Z60542 ZIP 60542 (North Aurora, IL)
Z60044 ZIP 60044 (Lake Bluff, IL) Z60543 ZIP 60543 (Oswego, IL)
Z60045 ZIP 60045 (Lake Forest, IL) Z60544 ZIP 60544 (Plainfield, IL)
Z60046 ZIP 60046 (Lake Villa, IL) Z60545 ZIP 60545 (Plano, IL)
Z60047 ZIP 60047 (Lake Zurich, IL) Z60546 ZIP 60546 (Riverside, IL)
Z60048 ZIP 60048 (Libertyville, IL) Z60554 ZIP 60554 (Sugar Grove, IL)
Z60050 ZIP 60050 (Mchenry, IL) Z60558 ZIP 60558 (Western Springs, IL)
Z60051 ZIP 60051 (Mchenry, IL) Z60560 ZIP 60560 (Yorkville, IL)
Z60053 ZIP 60053 (Morton Grove, IL) Z60561 ZIP 60561 (Darien, IL)
Z60056 ZIP 60056 (Mount Prospect, IL) Z60563 ZIP 60563 (Naperville, IL)
Z60060 ZIP 60060 (Mundelein, IL) Z60564 ZIP 60564 (Naperville, IL)
Z60061 ZIP 60061 (Vernon Hills, IL) Z60585 ZIP 60585 (Plainfield, IL)
Z60062 ZIP 60062 (Northbrook, IL) Z60586 ZIP 60586 (Plainfield, IL)
Z60064 ZIP 60064 (North Chicago, IL) Z60608 ZIP 60608 (Chicago, IL)
Z60067 ZIP 60067 (Palatine, IL) Z60610 ZIP 60610 (Chicago, IL)
Z60068 ZIP 60068 (Park Ridge, IL) Z60612 ZIP 60612 (Chicago, IL)
Z60069 ZIP 60069 (Lincolnshire, IL) Z60613 ZIP 60613 (Chicago, IL)
Z60070 ZIP 60070 (Prospect Heights, IL) Z60617 ZIP 60617 (Chicago, IL)
Z60073 ZIP 60073 (Round Lake, IL) Z60622 ZIP 60622 (Chicago, IL)
Z60074 ZIP 60074 (Palatine, IL) Z60625 ZIP 60625 (Chicago, IL)
Z60076 ZIP 60076 (Skokie, IL) Z60626 ZIP 60626 (Chicago, IL)
Z60077 ZIP 60077 (Skokie, IL) Z60628 ZIP 60628 (Chicago, IL)
Z60081 ZIP 60081 (Spring Grove, IL) Z60630 ZIP 60630 (Chicago, IL)
Z60083 ZIP 60083 (Wadsworth, IL) Z60631 ZIP 60631 (Chicago, IL)
Z60084 ZIP 60084 (Wauconda, IL) Z60633 ZIP 60633 (Chicago, IL)
Z60085 ZIP 60085 (Waukegan, IL) Z60634 ZIP 60634 (Chicago, IL)
Z60087 ZIP 60087 (Waukegan, IL) Z60637 ZIP 60637 (Chicago, IL)
Z60089 ZIP 60089 (Buffalo Grove, IL) Z60640 ZIP 60640 (Chicago, IL)
Z60090 ZIP 60090 (Wheeling, IL) Z60641 ZIP 60641 (Chicago, IL)
Z60091 ZIP 60091 (Wilmette, IL) Z60643 ZIP 60643 (Chicago, IL)
Z60093 ZIP 60093 (Winnetka, IL) Z60644 ZIP 60644 (Chicago, IL)
Z60096 ZIP 60096 (Winthrop Harbor, IL) Z60645 ZIP 60645 (Chicago, IL)
Z60097 ZIP 60097 (Wonder Lake, IL) Z60646 ZIP 60646 (Chicago, IL)
Z60098 ZIP 60098 (Woodstock, IL) Z60656 ZIP 60656 (Chicago, IL)
Z60099 ZIP 60099 (Zion, IL) Z60659 ZIP 60659 (Chicago, IL)
Z60102 ZIP 60102 (Algonquin, IL) Z60660 ZIP 60660 (Chicago, IL)
Z60106 ZIP 60106 (Bensenville, IL) Z60706 ZIP 60706 (Harwood Heights, IL)
Z60110 ZIP 60110 (Carpentersville, IL) Z60707 ZIP 60707 (Elmwood Park, IL)
Z60118 ZIP 60118 (Dundee, IL) Z60712 ZIP 60712 (Lincolnwood, IL)
Z60119 ZIP 60119 (Elburn, IL) Z60714 ZIP 60714 (Niles, IL)
Z60120 ZIP 60120 (Elgin, IL) Z60803 ZIP 60803 (Alsip, IL)
Z60123 ZIP 60123 (Elgin, IL) Z60804 ZIP 60804 (Cicero, IL)
Z60124 ZIP 60124 (Elgin, IL) Z60805 ZIP 60805 (Evergreen Park, IL)
Z60130 ZIP 60130 (Forest Park, IL) Z60827 ZIP 60827 (Riverdale, IL)
Z60131 ZIP 60131 (Franklin Park, IL) Z61016 ZIP 61016 (Cherry Valley, IL)
Z60133 ZIP 60133 (Hanover Park, IL) Z61063 ZIP 61063 (Pecatonica, IL)
Z60134 ZIP 60134 (Geneva, IL) Z61072 ZIP 61072 (Rockton, IL)
Z60140 ZIP 60140 (Hampshire, IL) Z61073 ZIP 61073 (Roscoe, IL)
Z60142 ZIP 60142 (Huntley, IL) Z61080 ZIP 61080 (South Beloit, IL)
Z60143 ZIP 60143 (Itasca, IL) Z61088 ZIP 61088 (Winnebago, IL)
Z60152 ZIP 60152 (Marengo, IL) Z61101 ZIP 61101 (Rockford, IL)
Z60153 ZIP 60153 (Maywood, IL) Z61102 ZIP 61102 (Rockford, IL)
Z60154 ZIP 60154 (Westchester, IL) Z61103 ZIP 61103 (Rockford, IL)
Z60155 ZIP 60155 (Broadview, IL) Z61104 ZIP 61104 (Rockford, IL)
Z60156 ZIP 60156 (Lake In The Hills, IL) Z61107 ZIP 61107 (Rockford, IL)
Z60160 ZIP 60160 (Melrose Park, IL) Z61108 ZIP 61108 (Rockford, IL)
Z60162 ZIP 60162 (Hillside, IL) Z61109 ZIP 61109 (Rockford, IL)
Z60163 ZIP 60163 (Berkeley, IL) Z61111 ZIP 61111 (Loves Park, IL)
Z60164 ZIP 60164 (Melrose Park, IL) Z61114 ZIP 61114 (Rockford, IL)
Z60171 ZIP 60171 (River Grove, IL) Z61115 ZIP 61115 (Machesney Park, IL)
Z60173 ZIP 60173 (Schaumburg, IL) Z61523 ZIP 61523 (Chillicothe, IL)
Z60174 ZIP 60174 (Saint Charles, IL) Z61525 ZIP 61525 (Dunlap, IL)
Z60175 ZIP 60175 (Saint Charles, IL) Z61547 ZIP 61547 (Mapleton, IL)
Z60176 ZIP 60176 (Schiller Park, IL) Z61603 ZIP 61603 (Peoria, IL)
Z60177 ZIP 60177 (South Elgin, IL) Z61604 ZIP 61604 (Peoria, IL)
Z60201 ZIP 60201 (Evanston, IL) Z61606 ZIP 61606 (Peoria, IL)
Z60202 ZIP 60202 (Evanston, IL) Z61607 ZIP 61607 (Peoria, IL)
Z60203 ZIP 60203 (Evanston, IL) Z61614 ZIP 61614 (Peoria, IL)
Z60304 ZIP 60304 (Oak Park, IL) Z61615 ZIP 61615 (Peoria, IL)
Z60305 ZIP 60305 (River Forest, IL) Z61616 ZIP 61616 (Peoria Heights, IL)
Z60401 ZIP 60401 (Beecher, IL) Z90038 ZIP 90038 (Los Angeles, CA)
Z60403 ZIP 60403 (Crest Hill, IL) Z93460 ZIP 93460 (Santa Ynez, CA)
Z60404 ZIP 60404 (Shorewood, IL) Z94301 ZIP 94301 (Palo Alto, CA)
Z60406 ZIP 60406 (Blue Island, IL) Z94612 ZIP 94612 (Oakland, CA)
Z60408 ZIP 60408 (Braidwood, IL)   Non-Standard Areas - CSI Definition
Z60409 ZIP 60409 (Calumet City, IL) CSBOS_CSW Boston-Worcester-Lawrence-Lowell-Brockton, MA
Z60410 ZIP 60410 (Channahon, IL) NJC_CSW Central New Jersey
Z60411 ZIP 60411 (Chicago Heights, IL) NEY_CSW New York City, NY
Z60415 ZIP 60415 (Chicago Ridge, IL) NJN_CSW Northeastern New Jersey, NJ
Z60417 ZIP 60417 (Crete, IL)
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