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New Geos: Greece - Metro Areas
Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011 08:07 ET
By Elissa Adams
October 2011 -- Metropolitan definitions for Greece, per ESPON 1.4.3: Athens and Thessaloníki.

For purposes of the Moody’s Analytics estimated and forecast data products, we have established geography codes for metropolitan areas in Greece. Greece itself promulgates no official definition. Instead, we have utilized definitions published in the final report of the ESPON Project 1.4.3, which are aggregates of prefectures (NUTS 3).  The two metro areas are:

  • Athens
  • Thessaloníki


Table 1 of 1. Metropolitan areas in Greece. We represent the metro area of Athens as conterminous with the Attiki NUTS 1 development region (consisting of four NUTS 3 prefectures), and the metro area of Thessaloníki as conterminous with the prefecture of the same name.  Note that Attiki has official multiple designations, as a NUTS 1 area conterminous with a NUTS 2 area; by convention, Data Buffet identifies such areas at the least granular level.

Greece has a national geo code of IGRC, all codes for its geographic subdivisions use IGRC as a prefix, and all Moody's Analytics metro areas feature the letter "M." The areas are identified as IGRC(underscore)M(letter)(letter)(letter), and may be retrieved en masse by using the basket geo wild card IGRC_M^^^.

Geo Code Description Geo Type NUTS
IGRC_MATH Athens Metropolitan Area    
IGRC_ATTI Attiki Development region NUTS 1
IGRC_ATH    Athens Prefecture NUTS 3
IGRC_EAT    East Attiki Prefecture NUTS 3
IGRC_PIR    Pireas Prefecture NUTS 3
IGRC_WAT    West Attiki Prefecture NUTS 3
IGRC_MTHS Thessaloníki Metropolitan Area    
IGRC_THS Thessaloníki Prefecture NUTS 3