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Mnemonic Change: Czech Republic - Wages
Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019 11:21 ET
By Rushil Walia
July 2019 -- For gross wages by industry for the Czech Republic, and the related nominal and real wage indexes, we have standardized the mnemonics (23 quarterly series impacted).

1. We have made these systematic changes to concept codes (old » new). This applies only to active series; there exist related discontinued series that retain their original and non-standard mnemonics.

  • Gross wages: LWEAWGGTUQ » LWLWGTUQ
  • Gross wages by industry: LWEAWGG^^TUQ » LWLWG^^UQ
  • Nominal wage index: LWIAWGPCTQ » LWIYWGTUQ
  • Real wage index: LWIAWGPCT$Q » LWJYWGTUQ

2. At the same time, we have standardized metadata on active series.

Scope of change:

  • 23 concepts
  • 1 geo

If you have a legacy basket or other retrievals, existing references will now return "series not found" errors. You will need to edit the basket to use the amended mnemonics; to assist, the basket editor includes a "find and replace" tool.

The series reside in the historical catalog (Czech Republic » Labor and Wages » Wages » Average gross monthly wage » Indexed, quarterly | By industry, quarterly) and the changes include, for example (old » new):

  • LWIAWGPCTQ.ICZE   » LWIYWGTUQ.ICZE = Nominal wage index, (Index CPPY=100, NSA)
  • LWIAWGPCT$Q.ICZE  » LWJYWGTUQ.ICZE = Real wage index, (Vol. Index CPPY=100, NSA)
  • LWEAWGGAFTUQ.ICZE » LWLWGAFUQ.ICZE = Gross wages - Agriculture, forestry, fishing [A], (CZK, NSA)
  • LWEAWGGPSTUQ.ICZE » LWLWGPSUQ.ICZE = Gross wages - Professional; scientific; technical [M], (CZK, NSA)

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic.

Related ReleaseAverage monthly gross wage by activity
SourceThe Czech Statistical Office (CZSO)
GeographyCzech Republic
Release DateReference date
06 Mar 20204Q 2019