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New Data: Ukraine subnational - LFS for ages 15 and older
Friday, 08 Nov 2019 10:10 ET
By Rushil Walia
November 2019 -- For labor force status measures for Ukraine, concurrent with dissemination of results for 2019Q1, the source has added a third age-scope, "15 years and older" (131 new quarterly series from 2019).

Previously, the source reported two age-scopes, "ages 15 to 70" and "working age".

Dataset properties:

  • Measurements:
    • Unitary count of persons (#)
    • Percentage (%)
  • Cumulation: Year-to-date moving average (MA YTD)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Quarterly
  • Start date: 2019Q1
  • Concepts: 6
  • Geo coverage:
    • Country
    • 25 territories

The series reside in the historical catalog:

  • Ukraine » Labor and Wages » Labor force status » Quarterly » Ages 15 and older
Related ReleaseLabor: Economic Activity of Population
SourceState Statistics Service of Ukraine
Release DateReference date
16 Dec 20193Q 2019