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TitleUsing Data Buffet - Default Basket Settings
AuthorPhillip Thorne

On DataBuffet.com, how can I establish default settings that will apply to each new basket I create?


Step by step

  1. Go to the menu:Settings » New Basket Defaults screen.
  2. Change any of the settings (listed below). 
  3. For your choices to apply to subsequent baskets upon their creation, press the Save Changes menu-button. Else, to abandon your choices and revert to the system defaults, press Reset to Defaults.

Available settings

  • File Name: The name of the output file.
  • File Format: The format of the output file.
  • File Layout:
    • Columns - each time series appears vertically, in a single column, with metadata and earliest periods at the top.
    • Rows - horizontal, in a single row, with metadata and earliest periods to the left.
    • Show dates for each series.
  • Date Range:
    • Start and end date
    • Start date only
    • Entire series
    • Periods from end
  • Date Format: M/D/YY, MMM-YY, YYYY-MM-DD, etc.
  • Conversion Technique:
    • Cubic, linear, constant -- How the up-conversion to higher frequency operates; cubic is usually the best choice.
    • Ignore missing values -- Necessary when, for example, you down-convert daily data with holiday-gaps to a monthly frequency.
  • Output Fields: Which of 15 metadata headers to display with each series.
    • The Excel Add-in field is necessary to use Moody's Analytics Power Tools for Microsoft Office on your local PC.