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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Default basket settings
AuthorPhillip Thorne

On Data Buffet, you can set defaults for each new basket you create (file name, format, header fields, date range, etc.)


Step by step

  1. Go to the menu:Settings » New Basket Defaults screen.
  2. Change any of the settings (listed below). 
  3. For your choices to apply to subsequent baskets upon their creation, press the Save Changes menu-button. Else, to abandon your choices and revert to the system defaults, press Reset to Defaults.

Available settings

  • File name: The name of the output file.
  • File format: The format of the output file.
  • File layout:
    • Columns - each time series appears vertically, in a single column, with metadata and earliest periods at the top.
    • Rows - horizontal, in a single row, with metadata and earliest periods to the left.
    • Show dates for each series.
  • Date range:
    • Start and end date
    • Start date only
    • Entire series
    • Periods from end
  • Date format: M/D/YY, MMM-YY, YYYY-MM-DD, etc.
  • Conversion technique:
    • Cubic, linear, constant -- How the up-conversion to higher frequency operates; cubic is usually the best choice.
    • Ignore missing values -- Necessary when, for example, you down-convert daily data with holiday-gaps to a monthly frequency.
  • Output fields: Which of 15 metadata headers to display with each series.
    • To use Moody's Analytics Power Tools for Microsoft Excel, activate the Excel Add-in field. This will add header fields with the =ECONBUFFET worksheet formula.