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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Troubleshooting and common fixes
AuthorPhillip Thorne

If DataBuffet.com behaves strangely, first try this sequence of fixes.


Are you experiencing any of these symptoms with your web browser?

  • Menus and buttons do not work
  • Only part of the catalog tree appears
  • Error message "javascript:"
  • Error message "resource not accessible"

1. Are you using the right browser?

Is it Microsoft Internet Explorer? A recent version? This is our standard web browser, and although DataBuffet.com may work in other browsers, we cannot guarantee how it appears or operates.

As of September 2016, we reject all traffic from browsers that use the older and insecure "TLS 1.0" protocol; this also applies to Power Tools for Microsoft Office, because it shares the connection with Internet Explorer. (See related article.)

2. Are you running a popup blocker?

3. Flush the browser cache.

Go to the DataBuffet.com window and press CTRL-F5 (i.e., the CTRL and F5 keys at the same time). If you are chatting with LiveHelp!, this may disconnect you; if so, you will need to ring-in again. Do not press CTRL-F5 in the LiveHelp! window; this will not help.

(Why does this work? Data Buffet's programming is divided between the server and browser client, and ongoing software changes may cause the two to lose synchronization, especially if your browser has been open for a long time. "Flushing" forces your browser to download up-to-date programming.)

If that doesn't work, then ...

4. Close and reopen your browser, then return to DataBuffet.com. If that fails, then ...

5. Log out of Data Buffet, then back in.

Go to the DataBuffet.com window, upper-right corner. On the "Logout / Access Other Products" menu, go to "My Economy" (the first item). In the upper-right corner is the "Welcome, Yourname" menu. Hover to open the menu, and press the blue "Sign Out" button at the bottom. You will be redirected to the Economy.com Sign In page.

If you can't log-in, then ...

6. Did you forget your Data Buffet password?

Send yourself a reset email from the password request page. (This page is also linked from the Economy.com log-in page.)

7. If none of the above steps succeed, please contact us and send a screenshot of the situation to help us attempt to diagnose the situation. If using Microsoft Windows, you can create and send a screenshot in this way:

  1. Select the DataBuffet.com window.
  2. Press ALT-PRTSCN.
  3. Open a new email message.
  4. Press CTRL-V to paste the screenshot into the message.
  5. Ask us for an email address. (The web contact form doesn't allow attachments.)

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