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Forecast Note: U.S. - State Forecasts Posted Sooner
Thursday, 12 Feb 2009 13:51 ET
By Marisa DiNatale
February 12, 2009 -- Beginning with today's February 2009 update, the publication target date for state forecasts will be advanced to approximately the 10th business day of each month. Metro forecasts will continue to be targeted to the 15th of the month.

In order to release our regional forecasts as expeditiously as possible to clients, Moody's Economy.com® will begin posting our state-level forecasts to DataBuffet.com® on or around the 10th business day of each month, up to four days prior to the metro-level forecasts.

Previously, both were published at the same time.  The national-level forecast will continue to be released around the fifth business day, and the metro-level on the 15th.

The target publication dates under the previous and current schedules are as follows.  Other factors, such as the timing of federal employment data and of holidays, may cause actual dates to vary by two to three business days around these targets.

  Previously Now
National Day 5 Day 5
State Day 15 Day 10
Metro Day 15 Day 15