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TitleFAQ: U.S. - Office-Using Employment and Office-Using Industry
AuthorAndrew Vickrey

What is the difference between the special aggregates "office-using employment" and "office-using industry" for the United States?


Moody's Economy.com tracks certain "special industry aggregates" that cross the usual boundaries of U.S. industrial classification.  "Office-using employment" is an aggregate of historical employment series: three industry supersectors from the BLS CES.  Conversely, "office-using industry" is an aggregate of 27 estimated NAICS industries, and is applicable to employment, output and wages.

Office-Using Employment

"Office-using employment" is an aggregate of historical employment series.  For the various(F,X)EOFC.? series, we sum employment from three industry supersectors published in the BLS Current Employment Survey (a.k.a. the "establishment" survey or BLS-790).  For every geo in which all three supersectors are reported, we compute the aggregate.  We also forecast it at the national, state, and metro levels.

Concept Description
NSA SA Forecast Employment, (Ths. #)
XEOFC EOFC FEOFC Office-using employment
XEPS EPS FEPS Professional and business services
XE51 E51 FE51 Information
XEFI EFI FEFI Financial activities

Office-Using Industry

"Office-using industry" is an aggregate applicable to employment, GDP and wages, as seen in our Detailed Employment, Output and Wages database of estimates.  It's the sum of 27 NAICS categories (including two supersectors).  For example, our estimated employment series REOFF(Q,A).? are summed this way.

The following list is also available in the file Industrial Classification - Moody's Economy.com Industry Services Aggregations in the Tools » Reference Files section of DataBuffet.com, along with 40 other special aggregates.  That file does not include "office-using employment."

NAICS Description
5112 Software publishers
512 Motion picture and sound recording industries
515 Broadcasting (except internet)
5171 Wired telecommunications carriers
5172 Wireless telecommunications carriers (except satellite)
5179 Other telecommunications
518 Internet service providers, web search portals, and data processing services
5411 Legal services
5412 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services
5413 Architectural, engineering, and related services
5415 Computer systems design and related services
5416 Management, scientific, and technical consulting services
5418 Advertising and related services
55 Management of companies and enterprises
5611 Office administrative services
5613 Employment services
5614 Business support services
5615 Travel arrangement and reservation services
6211 Offices of physicians
6212 Offices of dentists
6213 Offices of other health practitioners
8131 Religious organizations
8133 Social advocacy organizations
8134 Civic and social organizations
8139 Business, professional, labor, political, and similar organizations
FI Financial activities
GVF Federal government


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