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New Features: Data Buffet View Series - Metadata, Forecast Highlight
Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011 14:11 ET
By Karl Zandi
July 2011 -- Added to DataBuffet.com: From the "View Series" module you can jump directly to documentation, and forecast periods are highlighted.

As of July 2011, we have made two enhancements to the "View Series" module on Data Buffet.

1. You can obtain metadata for the time series by clicking the magnifying glass icon ( Mnemonic 411 ) in the Actions group.  This will open the "Mnemonic 411" module, which lists the series description, pertinent dates, long-form written documentation, and related news items.

2. In the data table, the values for forecast periods (if any) are marked in red.  Historical values are shown in black.


The "View Series" module will activate in two circumstances: When you select a series through the catalog using the Geography Wizard and pick "View Data" from the multi-button, or when you enter a mnemonic in the upper-right search field and pick "View" from the adjoining selector.  The module will appear as a new tab in Data Buffet's right-hand panel.  You can add series to view side-by-side.

"Mnemonic 411" describes specific time series and datasets.  If you find a forecast time series with minimal content on the Documentation tab, refer to the corresponding estimated or historical time series; it is hyperlinked from the Historical row on the Overview tab.  Conversely, general-purpose documentation (the forecast model and scenario assumptions) is stored under Reference Files.