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Data Change: U.S. subnational - Massachusetts CCI - Frequency
Friday, 10 Mar 2017 18:33 ET
By Phillip Thorne
March 2017 -- To match the source's reporting frequency, we have replaced our extract of the MassInsight Consumer Confidence Index (one monthly series 1991-2017, replaced by one quarterly series from 1991).

Because the series is reported as a quarterly value but we store our copy as a monthly value, information in Mnemonic 411 was difficult to reconcile with the source. Moreover, two out of three periods per quarter have "ND" values, which impedes display in Data Buffet's chart module.

In response, we have discontinued and renamed the predecessor (monthly), created a direct replacement (quarterly), and transplanted the old mnemonic to the latter as an alias. Both series are indexed to 1985=100 and are seasonally adjusted (SA).

The series reside in the historical catalog (United States » Consumer confidence indexes » State consumer confidence indexes) and are:

  • CCIM.MA = [DISCONTINUED] Consumer confidence index, (Index 1985=100, SA) - Monthly
  • CCIQ.MA = Consumer confidence index, (Index 1985=100, SA) - Quarterly

If you have legacy baskets or other retrievals using the mnemonic CCI.MA, they will continue to operate, but the length of the downloaded series will change from 191 monthly periods to 65 quarterly periods.

Related ReleaseConsumer Confidence - Massachusetts
SourceThe Mass Insight Group, New England Economic Project
FrequencyQuarterly (October)
GeographyUnited States
Release DateReference date
01 Jun 201701 Apr 2017
03 Jul 201701 Jul 2017