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Forecast Change: U.S. - CSI™ [May 2010]
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 15:22 ET
By Michael Zoller
May 10, 2010 -- The May vintage of our Case-Shiller® House Price Forecast incorporates changes in per capita disposable income forecasts, and adds tier forecasts for three metros in New York state.

In some cases, our Case-Shiller® forecast for May has changed significantly from the April vintage.  In April, new history for disposable income altered our metro forecasts of per capital disposable income, which filtered into our house price forecast.  The change affected states, counties, single-family tiers, and condos.

Please note that there has been no significant change to the national house price forecast.

For the single-family tier forecasts, we have added three geographies: MBIN (Binghamton, NY), MPOU (Poughkeepsie, NY), and MROH (Rochester, NY).

Mnemonic Description
  Case-Shiller®  Home Price Index: Single-Family, (2000Q1=100, SA)
  Binghamton, NY MSA
FHCSHP1LIQ.MBIN Low tier index
FHCSHP1MIQ.MBIN Middle tier index
FHCSHP1HIQ.MBIN High tier index
  Poughkeepsie, NY MSA
FHCSHP1LIQ.MPOU Low tier index
FHCSHP1MIQ.MPOU Middle tier index
FHCSHP1HIQ.MPOU High tier index
  Rochester, NY MSA
FHCSHP1LIQ.MROH Low tier index
FHCSHP1MIQ.MROH Middle tier index
FHCSHP1HIQ.MROH High tier index


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