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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Euro zone geo codes and geo lists
AuthorPhillip Thorne

How do I retrieve time series related to the euro zone, under its most recent or prior memberships?


Because euro zone membership can change, you must identify how a time series which bridges an accession is defined.  Is the changing composition used, or a retroactive definition for consistency?

In particular, Eurostat and the European Central Bank report data for the entire euro zone under both "fixed composition" and "changing composition" definitions.  Data Buffet uses numbered geo codes from IEZ11 to IEZ19 to denote the euro zone's incarnations between 1999 and 2015, as listed below.

All euro zone accessions are effective as of January 1.  Changes to Data Buffet geo codes and geo lists are described in special articles.  Changes to national reporting of currency-valued datasets appear in "data change" and (for defunct exchange rates) "discontinued data" articles.

Geo codes for progressive membership of the euro zone

Geo lists

Data Buffet geo lists are a convenience feature to simplify baskets.  If you know a particular concept is available for multiple areas, a single basket entry using a geo list will retrieve multiple series.  For example, expression EUENAECMPMQUA.GB_EUZN_CTY.LST will retrieve the Eurostat-published national accounts series for employee compensation in mining and quarrying.  Geo lists are more targeted than geo wild cards.  You can use prefab geo lists provided by Data Buffet, or define and save your own.

  • GB_EUZN_CTY.LST = EZ-18 membership

Basket formulas

Geo lists return multiple series, but do not aggregate their values. Instead, you can use a basket formula to combine specific individual series that you have previously identified.  Formulas cannot use geo lists.

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April 2015 - We will soon adopt a new geo code for "changing composition" series, IEZCC.  For convenience and backwards compatibility, geo code IEUZN will be used as an alias, either to the IEZCC series (if it is the only reported series) or to the source's chosen key series (if there are multiple variants).