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Data Revision: Austria - Government finance [2014 to 2018]
Tuesday, 02 Oct 2018 11:23 ET
By Kelli Johnson
October 2018 -- The source has issued revisions to the financial accounts for the general government institutional sector for Austria (13 quarterly series revised, 2014 to 2018).

In direct communication, the source explained:

The changes in the data on expenditures and revenue you sent us are due to a combination of revisions and method changes. Principally, data from 2017Q1 are due to revisions according to better source data availability.

Changes in "other current transfers receivable" and also in "savings, gross" in earlier years are also due to changes in methodology concerning financing of hospitals.

As regards financial assets and liabilities, no change in methodology occurred. One unit was reclassified into the local government sector, the remaining revisions are due to new information.

In response, we have synchronized our extract. There is no change to the corpus, mnemonics or metadata.

The impacted series reside under two catalog nodes

  • (Austria » Government » Finances » General Government » Financial Accounts)
  •  (Austria » Government » Finances » General Government » Statement of operations / short-term public finance)

and are:

  • AFLFSAGGFLNTUQ.IAUT = Assets - Loans [AF. 4], (Mil. EUR, NSA)
  • AFLFSLGGFLNTUQ.IAUT = Liabilities - Loans [AF. 4]
  • AFLFSAGGFSHEUQ.IAUT = Assets - Shares and other equity and mutual fund shares [AF. 5]
  • AFLFSLGGFSHEUQ.IAUT = Liabilities - Shares and other equity and mutual fund shares [AF. 5]
  • AFLFSAGGFITRUQ.IAUT = Assets - Insurance; pension and standardized guarantee schemes [AF. 6]
  • AFLFSLGGFITRUQ.IAUT = Liabilities - Insurance; pension and standardized guarantee schemes [AF. 6]
  • AFLFSAGGFFDOUQ.IAUT = Assets - Financial derivatives and employee stock options [AF. 7]
  • AFLFSAGGFOTAUQ.IAUT = Assets - Other accounts receivable / payable [AF. 8]
  • AFLFSLGGFOTAUQ.IAUT = Liabilities - Other accounts receivable / payable [AF. 8]
  • NALNZGGUYMGUQ.IAUT  = Use - Income and property tax [D5]
  • NALNZGGRYPPUQ.IAUT  = Resource - Investment income [D4]
  • NALNZGGBSVGUQ.IAUT  = Balance - Gross savings balance [B8G]
  • NALNZGGRCTOUQ.IAUT  = Resource - Other current transfers [D7]

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic.

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