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New Data: U.S. - Fiserv Case-Shiller® "Squared" Indexes - New Areas, New Seasonal Adjustment
Wednesday, 01 Oct 2008 09:45 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
The Q2 2008 release of the Fiserv Case-Shiller® Indexes ("Squared" dataset) added over 7,200 series. Seasonally Adjusted data is now provided directly by Fiserv and is also available at the ZIP Code level.

There are over 7,200 new series in the quarterly Fiserv Case-Shiller® Indexes "Squared" dataset, including 17 new unadjusted indicators in three states, and a large number of seasonally adjusted indicators for all areas to the ZIP code level.

New unadjusted Indicators:

There are 17 new series for Arizona, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Geography Description Mnemonic
Flagstaff, AZ MSA Condominiums Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHPCTIQ.MFLA
Arizona - Coconino County Condominiums Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHPCTIQ.AZ005
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC MSA Single-Family High Tier Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1HIQ.MCHS
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC MSA Single-Family Mid Tier Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1MIQ.MCHS
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC MSA Single-Family Low Tier Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1LIQ.MCHS
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC MSA Single-Family Middle/High Tier Break, (Ths. $, NSA) RXHCSHP1H$Q.MCHS
Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville, SC MSA Single-Family Low/Middle Tier Break, (Ths. $, NSA) RXHCSHP1L$Q.MCHS
North Carolina - Buncombe County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC021
North Carolina - Cabarrus County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC025
North Carolina - Cumberland County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC051
North Carolina - Forsyth County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC067
North Carolina - Gaston County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC071
North Carolina - Union County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.NC179
South Carolina - Berkeley County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.SC015
South Carolina - Charleston County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.SC019
South Carolina - Dorchester County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.SC035
South Carolina - Richland County Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.SC079

New seasonally adjusted indicators:

Due to the large number of new series, a spreadsheet is attached below with a full listing of all new series available in the Fiserv Case-Shiller® "Squared" Indexes dataset.  If you are not able to access this file and you would like to receive a complete listing of all the new series, please send an email to: jrollet@economy.com


The seasonally adjusted data, now provided by Fiserv, are nearly identical to those previously adjusted by Moody's Economy.com.  However, there is one significant difference: Fiserv calculates the seasonal adjustments before they splice any Case-Shiller and/or OFHEO indexes.  This was not an option for Moody's Economy.com, since we received the "squared" dataset after it was fully spliced.

Also, ZIP code-level data is now available seasonally adjusted.

Discontinued series:

The following four ZIP code-level series have been discontinued by Fiserv as of the Q2 2008 release:

Geography Description Mnemonic
ZIP 02852 (North Kingstown, RI) Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.Z02852
ZIP 02882 (Narragansett, RI) Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.Z02882
ZIP 55414 (Minneapolis, MN) Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.Z55414
ZIP 98108 (Seattle, WA) Single-Family Aggregate Index, (NSA) RXHCSHP1TIQ.Z98108


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