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Mnemonic Change: France subnational - HPI - Partial
Friday, 28 Dec 2018 17:54 ET
By Victoria Donu
October 2018 -- In connection with the rebasing of the subnational house price index for France, we have corrected five geo codes (18 quarterly series impacted).

The 18 series apply to five geos of three types. The changes are (old » new):

  • IFRA      » IFRA_PROV = Provincial France, i.e., Mainland France excl. Île-de-France, i.e., IFRA_XDOM excl. IFRA_IF
  • IFRA_ILDF » IFRA_IL   = INSEE region Île-de-France
  • IFRA_ALIL » IFRA_MLIL = INSEE metro area Lille
  • IFRA_ALYO » IFRA_MLYO = INSEE metro area Lyon
  • IFRA_AMAR » IFRA_MMAR = INSEE metro area Marseille

A full concordance of changes is attached. The concept codes and description metadata are unchanged.

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SourceFrench National Institute of Statistics and Economic studies (insee)
Release DateReference date
28 Aug 20202Q 2020