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Data Revision: Malta - National accounts SA - Method
Thursday, 13 Dec 2018 07:25 ET
By Katie Cristofano
December 2018 -- For the quarterly national accounts of Malta, we produce seasonally adjusted supplements, and have switched from X-12 to X-13 (35 quarterly series, revised from 1995).

Motivation: The national source, National Statistics Office (NSO) of Malta, reports quarterly national accounts figures, but only in not seasonally adjusted (NSA) terms. Previously, we created our seasonal factors using the X-12 ARIMA seasonal adjustment program; we are now incrementally migrating to the X-13 ARIMA program, which is newer and usually produces superior results. 

Response: GDP(E) series at current prices have been re-extended prior to 2000Q1. Our seasonal factors have been recalculated using the X-13 program, and the SA series have been recomputed. As a result, all SA counterparts have been revised as early as 1995Q1. 

Properties: Properties are otherwise unchanged. Series start as early as 1995Q1. Expect our SA supplements to be revised with each update. 

The series reside in these historical catalogs:

  • (Malta » National Accounts » by Expenditure » Quarterly » Constant prices | Current prices)
  • (Malta » National Accounts » by Income » Quarterly » by Industry)
  • (Malta » National Accounts » by Value Add » Quarterly » by Industry)
They include, for example:
  • NALEGDPAQ.IMLT   = Gross domestic product, (Ths. EUR, SAAR)
  • NACEEXAQ.IMLT    = Expenditure approach - Exports of goods and services, (Ths. Ch. 2010 EUR, SAAR)
  • NALICMPTAQ.IMLT  = Income approach - Compensation of employees - All industries total [A to U], (Ths. EUR, SAAR)
  • NALSGVAMFAQ.IMLT = Production approach - Gross value added - Manufacturing [C], (Ths. EUR, SAAR)

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic. 

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SourceNational Statistics Office (NSO) - Malta
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28 Feb 20204Q 2019