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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Delete overlooked schedules
AuthorPhillip Thorne

I have many Basket workpieces on Data Buffet, and I've forgotten which ones have Schedules. How do I find and delete them?


The situation

Are you receiving unwanted deliveries? You need to disable the delivery and/or the schedule. Are you unsure which basket is the culprit? Do you have many Basket workpieces, did you forget how you configured them, or did you inherit them?

In Data Buffet, you can automatically run a Basket by attaching a Schedule to it, and you can further create a Delivery to transmit the output to an FTP or email address. 


1. How many Baskets do you have?

menu:Tools » Manage My Data » sub-menu:Files

2. What does the table mean?

The My Data Manager tab shows a table with nine columns. Five of the columns have titles, which you can click to sort.

  • Checkbox: Select to perform bulk operations
  • Green arrow: Run the workpiece
  • White page-pair: Duplicate the workpiece
  • Icon: Workpiece type (basket, chart, cycle comparison chart, map)
  • Title
  • Modified: Date
  • Last Run: Date
  • Schedules: The number of schedules attached to the basket
  • Shared: Icon (unshared, shared by you, shared by someone else)

3. Which of those Baskets have schedules?  Click the Schedules column header to sort the table in descending order.  Baskets with Schedules will go to the top, and those with zero Schedules will go to the bottom.

4. Find your Basket by name.  (Did you remember to give it a memorable name?)

5. Click the Basket's name to edit.  The basket editor will open in a new tab.

6. Press sub-menu:Schedules to open a pane and view the Schedule(s) attached to this Basket.  For each Schedule, you can edit (to remove a Delivery), disable (or re-enable), or delete altogether.


  • Data Buffet has five kinds of workpiece: Baskets, Charts, Pie charts, Cycle comparison charts, and Maps.  Many of their operations are similar.
  • You can rename workpieces in their respective editors (click the boldface title) and in the Left frame » tab:My Data list.
  • Schedules can also be attached to Chart and Map workpieces.
  • You can attach multiple Schedules to a workpiece.  For example, you can use a timed Schedule for regular delivery, and a triggered Schedule keyed to a series with an irregular update.