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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Default interface settings
AuthorPhillip Thorne

How do I establish default settings applicable to the View, Basket, Chart and Map modules in Data Buffet?


To establish your preferences, go to menu:Settings » Interface Options.

  • Start page
  • Default basket: You might have dozens, so name them well
  • Editor type: For baskets: Grid editor or Power editor
  • Visible columns: As seen in the grid editor (description, geography, mnemonic, frequency, transformation, decimals, user defined)
  • Quick view: Data table or chart
  • Preferred time zone
  • Require billing code
  • Custom color grid: As used in the Map, Chart and Pie chart modules.  You may have an official set of corporate colors.  For additional styling (typeface, size and color; date formats), use the Basket Defaults and Chart Templates.

After configuring, press the Save Changes menu-button. To abandon your choices and revert to the Data Buffet defaults, press Reset to Defaults.