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New Data: Latvia - QNA - Addendum
Friday, 06 Dec 2019 11:40 ET
By Megan McGee
December 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries GDP(E) and GDP(O) for Latvia at constant prices of the previous year (27 new quarterly series from 1995).

This presentation was added by the source concurrent with the 2019Q3 results and re-referencing to 2015. Please note that we also carry the national accounts presented at chained prices (in both SA and NSA terms), which is the more common means of inflation adjustment.


  • Framework: ESA 2010
  • Activity classification: NACE Rev. 2 
  • Measurements: At previous year's prices (Ths. 2018 EUR) 
  • Adjustments: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Quarterly
  • Start date: Uniformly 1995Q1

The series reside in the historical catalog:

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SourceCentral Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Release DateReference date
22 Jun 20201Q 2020
31 Aug 20202Q 2020
23 Sep 20202Q 2020