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Discontinued Data: Ukraine - Foreign trade by region
Wednesday, 28 Aug 2019 10:05 ET
By Rushil Walia
August 2019 -- For foreign trade for Ukraine, concurrent with dissemination of results for January 2019, the source has terminated results by region (i.e., country-aggregate) (16 monthly series 2003 to 2018, discontinued).

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the series by marking them as "discontinued" in their metadata
  2. Marked the catalog node as discontinued.

Properties are otherwise unchanged. Figures are thousands of U.S. dollars (Ths. USD), year-to-date (YTD), not seasonally adjusted (NSA). The series run from 2003m1 to 2018m12.

The series reside in the historical catalog (Ukraine » Trade » Foreign trade » By region [DISCONTINUED]) and include, for example:

  • TR$EXGCISUM.IUKR  = [DISCONTINUED] Exports - CIS countries, (Ths. USD YTD, NSA)
  • TR$IMGCISUM.IUKR  = [DISCONTINUED] Imports - CIS countries

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on Data Buffet.com provides a “find in catalog” mode that accepts a mnemonic.

Please be aware that

Series TR$IMGATAUM.IUKR (imports from Antarctica) was previously discontinued, and runs from 2003m8 to 2007m12.

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