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Data Note: Denmark - Lending rate - Frequency
Monday, 07 Jan 2019 18:07 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
January 2019 -- For the Danmarks Nationalbank lending rate, we have changed the frequency from daily to business-daily, and standardized the mnemonic (one series impacted).

Moody's Analytics obtains business-daily lending rate data from Danmarks Nationalbank. We have made these improvements to the existing series:

  1. Changed the native frequency.
    • Before: Daily frequency (seven days a week), with weekend values infilled by Moody's Analytics
    • After: Business-daily frequency (five days a week), for consistency with Danmarks Nationalbank reporting
  2. Standardized the mnemonic. For backwards compatibility, the prior mnemonic has been preserved as an alias.
    1. Before: IR%NBLENUD.IDNK
    2. After: IR%CBLNUD.IDNK
  3. Standardized the metadata.

The series resides in the historical catalog (Denmark » Financial » Interest rates » Danmarks Nationalbank official interest rates) and is:

  • IR%CBLNUD.IDNK = Interest rates: Central bank - Lending rate, (% p.a., NSA)

Please be aware that

  • To perform a frequency conversion with default settings, use the "frequency" control in View, Basket and Chart modes.
  • To override the default settings, write a custom formula using the CONVERT function (see related article). You can, for example, compute a lower frequency that is compacted as the final observation, the average over the period, or the sum.
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