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TitleHow To: Re-Download an Output File
AuthorPhillip Thorne

After running and downloading a basket, can I re-download its output?



A Data Buffet basket is a shopping list, but basket output fulfills that list with specific packaging.  By analogy, if you have a regular weekly shopping list (apples, lettuce, chicken), you can fulfill it at the supermarket repeatedly, and then choose a paper or plastic bag for the trip home.

For your convenience, each time a basket runs, its output is cached online, in your account.  You can re-download without re-running.  You can assign and change the output filename independent of the basket name.


Start with menu:Tools » My Files.

This will open a new tab, with two sections: Web Files and Schedule Files.  These store output generated when you manually run a basket, or when it's run by a schedule, respectively.

Which file do you want?  Examine the listings (FileName, Created On, Modified On) for clues.  To simplify your job, think ahead, and assign a memorable name to the output file before running the basket.  (The output file name is distinct from the basket name.  To set, go to the basket editor, and use sub-menu:Options » File » File Name.)

Because the output file name is a basket option, if you re-run without changing the name, the cached file will be overwritten. If you want to store vintaged copies, change the file name before re-running.

To download the file, click the blue text under FileName.

Using the checkboxes to the left, you can select multiple files to delete (trash can icon) or to combine into a single zipped file that will immediately download.


Regrettably, the My Files tables are not sortable, unlike in My Data Manager.

For scheduled output, there is no way to automatically iterate the file name to store vintages.

In addition to basket output, My Files stores the graphical output of charts and maps.