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Discontinued Data: Estonia subnational - Deaths by date of registration
Friday, 03 Jan 2020 09:49 ET
By Ryan Kelly
January 2020 -- For death counts for municipalities in Estonia, concurrent with dissemination of results for July, the source has terminated the "by date of registration" subset (16 monthly series 2001 to 2019, discontinued). Substitutes exist.

In a direct communication, the source explained:

As of 1 July 2019, the procedure of registering a death changed in Estonia. A healthcare provider, i.e. a doctor, prepares the death statements electronically instead of a paper document and forwards information about the death to the population register. The death is recorded there automatically. Consequently, the place of death registration is not known.

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the series by marking them as "discontinued" in their metadata.

As a substitute, Moody's Analytics also carries:

  • Death counts, by month, for municipalities and Tallinn

The series reside in the historical catalog:

For example:

  • VSDEATHUM.IEST_00784 = [DISCONTINUED] Deaths - Month registered, (#, NSA) - 2001m1 to 2019m6
  • VSQDTHUM.IEST_00784  = Deaths, (#, NSA) - from 2017m1

Please be aware that

  • The national series (VSDEATHUM.IEST) remains active.
  • At the national geo level, the "by date of registration" and "by date of occurrence" (VSDEATHUM.IEST and VSQDTHUM.IEST) values are approximately equal.
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