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Data Note: Hungary subnational - Cross-sectional geos for res sales
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 09:28 ET
By Jaclyn Zylka
May 2018 -- In reporting residential real estate transactions for Hungary, the source reports two kinds of geos; under this cross-sectional scheme, certain areas are repeated, the number of housing transactions for the Budapest region is repeated for Central Hungary and the total (two annual series).

Under NUTS 2013, Hungary contains seven NUTS 2 areas (tervezésistatisztikai régiók, "planning region") and 20 NUTS 3 areas (megyék, "county").

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) reports residential real estate transactions in a cross-sectional table of NUTS 2 area and "settlement type" (county seat, town, village), which we represent in the geo code and concept code, respectively. (The alternative would be specialized geo codes, which would complicate browsing via the Data Buffet Geo Wizard and other retrievals.)

Six of seven NUTS 2 areas have a "county seat" value, but Central Hungary (geo code IHUN_KM) does not. It consists of two NUTS 3 areas (counties), namely, Budapest and Pest. (The latter is annular to the former.) Budapest serves as county seat to Pest and hence is the only county seat in the NUTS 2 area.

The attached table shows (a) which combinations of region and settlement type are reported, and (b) their summation pattern. Note these consequences:

1. Settlement types "Budapest" and "county seat" are mutually exclusive at the NUTS 2 geo level:

  • Concept HSQSLSXBUDUA (sales in Budapest) exists only for geos IHUN_KM and IHUN.
  • Concept HSQSLSXCPTUA (sales in county seats) exist for all geos except IHUN_KM.

2. Since there is only one Budapest-type settlement in the country, the NUTS 2 and national values are equal:

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SourceHungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO)