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TitleFAQ: U.S. - Geo Codes for Regional ISM Surveys
AuthorMatthew Hopkins

What are the specialized geo codes used by the regional ISM, NAPM and PMA surveys?


Moody's Analytics republishes data from numerous regional affiliates of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), formerly known as the National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM).  Most of them use survey regions resembling standard metro areas; however, others have nonstandard regions for which we have created specialized geo codes.

When using the Data Buffet catalog, there are separate folders for each regional survey.  However, because we have established common concept codes across the surveys (for example, NAPMM), when you pick a single catalog entry you will nonetheless be presented with all matching geo codes.  When the Geography Wizard opens, it may be unclear which geography to pick (i.e., it will show distractors).  This table summarizes your choices:

Release Title State Geo Code Coverage Geo Wizard Type Note
Active Releases        
ISM Chicago IL CHI USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
PMA Boston Survey MA BOS USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
ISM Southeast Michigan MI DET USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
ISM New York City NY US United States (1)
NAPM Rochester NY ROH USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
NAPM Cincinnati OH CIN USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
ISM Austin TX AUS USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
NAPM Houston Business Report TX HOU USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
ISM Western Washington WA WA_WEST Other Areas  
ISM Milwaukee Business Survey WI MIL USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  
NAPM MidWest Various AR IA KS MN MO NE ND OK SD USA - State (2)
NAPM MidWest Sum NMAR = sum of 9 states Other Areas (2)
Discontinued Releases and Geos        
NAPM MidWest Various CO UT WY USA - State (3)
NAPM MidWest Sum NMTR = sum of 3 states Other Areas (3)
[DISCONTINUED] NAPM - Pittsburgh PA PIT USA - Metro Areas - Old def'n  


(1) Mnemonics for the ISM New York City survey are non-standard.  The geo code is "US" instead of "NEY" because there is an "N" in the concept code.

(2) Unlike the others, the NAPM MidWest survey includes multiple states.  The data include individual states and aggregates thereof.  The geo code "NMAR" ("NAPM Mid American Region") resides in the Geo Wizard under "Other Areas" and refers to the sum of nine states.

(3) As of 2008, the NAPM MidWest survey ceased to report these three states and their geographic aggregate.  However, because the series still reside in our repository, the geo code "NMTR" ("NAPM Mountain States Region") will appear in the Geo Wizard.


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