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Forecast Changes: International Macro Models [March 2017]
Monday, 20 Mar 2017 11:57 ET
By Paul Matsiras
March 2017 – As a part of the March vintage of the Moody's Analytics international macro models, we have added new forecast series for six countries as well as temporarily removed one forecast series from Hong Kong.

To ensure the highest quality forecasts, Moody's Analytics will periodically add forecasts for series for which country data become available. Equation specifications, as well as implications for other parts of our forecasts, may also appear in Mnemonic 411.

The added and removed baseline series are as follows. The corresponding alternative scenarios are similarly affected.


·         We added GVA by industry forecasts for Brazil (FGDP^^?L$Q.IBRA)

·         We added government interest expense forecasts (FGGINTPLQ) for Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Estonia and Latvia.


·         Because of a change in licensing terms, FRMMQ.IHKG has been temporarily removed. We aim to restore it as soon as possible.