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Data Change: Cross-country - IMF World Economic Outlook [Oct 2018]
Monday, 22 Oct 2018 09:49 ET
By Jay Lynch
October 2018 -- This month's update to the IMF World Economic Outlook features: series added to "group composites" which were previously excluded, Egypt nominal exchange rate assumptions are now public, and Venezuela has redenominated its currency (10 annual series terminated, 62 added).

In response, we have:

  1. Archived Venezuelan series by renaming with an "_18" specifier, marking metadata as discontinued, and segregating in the catalog.
  2. Created the newly reported series.

Because this is a consolidated cross-country dataset, properties vary by country. Please be aware that we perform limited harmonization of the metadata provided by IMF, such that the unit-descriptor syntax may not match specific nationally-sourced datasets.

The series reside in the historical catalog (Cross-Country Datasets » International Monetary Fund (IMF) » World Economic Outlook (WEO)) and include, for example:

  • IMFWNGDP_18UA.IVEN = [DISCONTINUED] Gross Domestic Product - Current Prices, (Billions national currency)
  • IMFWNGDPUA.IVEN    = Gross Domestic Product - Current Prices, (Billions national currency)

Count of series changes:

CountryGeo codeTerminatedAdded
Angola IAGO   2
Aruba IABW   33
Barbados IBRB   2
Belarus IBLR   1
Costa Rica ICRI   2
El Salvador ISLV   2
Guatemala IGTM   2
Kosovo IUVK   4
Macao SAR IMAC   2
Timor-Leste ITLS   2
Venezuela IVEN 10 10

Specific notes:

  • Argentina's (IARG) consumer prices, which were previously excluded from the group composites because of data constraints, are now included starting from 2017 onward.
  • Data for Aruba (IABW) are included in the data aggregated for the emerging market and developing economies (IEMDE). It is classified as a member of the Latin America and Caribbean composite (IIMWH).
  • Egypt's (IEGY) forecast data from which the nominal exchange rate assumptions are calculated that were previously excluded because the nominal exchange rate was a market-sensitive issue, are now made public.
  • Swaziland (ISWZ) is now called Eswatini.
  • Venezuela (IVEN) redenominated its currency on 20 August 2018, by replacing 100,000 bolívares Fuertes (ISO 4217 code VEF) with 1 bolívar Soberano (VES). Local currency data, including the historical data, for Venezuela are expressed in the new currency starting with the October 2018 WEO database.
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