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Discontinued Data: Germany - Registered unemployment for East and West Germany
Tuesday, 03 Mar 2020 03:20 ET
By Ferdinand Loessl
March 2020 -- The source has terminated select series for registered unemployment and job vacancies for the former East Germany and West Germany (six monthly and one annual series, discontinued).

In a direct communication, our proximate source (Deutsche Bundesbank) explained:

Due to a revision of the time series database, we no longer offer these time series. The compilation of the German labour market is conducted by the Federal Employment Agency. You can still access the data from the Federal Employment Agency at: statistik.arbeitsagentur.de

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the series by marking their description metadata as discontinued.

Date ranges for the series vary, as early as 1950 to as late as 2019. Geo codes IDEU_E and IDEU_W refer to the Former East Germany and Former West Germany, respectively. The corresponding series for Germany (IDEU) remain active; they start at 1990m9 or 1991m12.

The monthly series are:

  • LW%UNRCM.IDEU_E = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (%, CDASA)
  • LW%UNRCM.IDEU_W = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (%, CDASA)
  • LWQUNRCM.IDEU_E = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (Ths. #, CDASA)
  • LWQUNRCM.IDEU_W = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (Ths. #, CDASA)
  • LWQUNRUM.IDEU_W = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (#, NSA)
  • LWQVACCM.IDEU_W = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Reported vacancies, (Ths. #, CDASA)

And the annual series is:

  • LWQUNRUA.IDEU_W = [DISCONTINUED] Labor: Registered unemployment, (#)
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