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Data Change: Belgium - QNA - Re-referenced to 2015 (2)
Thursday, 05 Dec 2019 08:18 ET
By Ian Vaughan
December 2019 -- For the quarterly national accounts of Belgium at chained prices, concurrent with dissemination of results for 2019Q3, the source has reverted the currency reference year from 2016 to 2015; this impacts our extracts of GDP(E), GVA by industry, and associated deflators (93 quarterly series 1995 to 2019, replaced from 1995).

In November 2017 and 2018, the source advanced the currency reference year to 2015 and 2016, respectively—but it has now changed back to 2015.

In a direct communication, the source explained:

Our new figures are from now on expressed with reference year 2015. We will fix this reference year for all our series at 2015 for the coming 5 years. In this way, we are more in line with the policy used by Eurostat.

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the predecessors (reference year 2016, 1995Q1 to 2019Q2) by renaming with an "_16" specifier, marking metadata as "discontinued", and segregating in the catalog.
  2. Created one-for-one replacements (reference year 2015).
  3. Similarly replaced the current-priced series, which may have been revised aside from the currency reference year.
  4. Refurbished mnemonics and metadata where necessary.
  5. Transplanted global concept aliases.

Notable properties (for full list, see Mnemonic 411):

  • Currency reference year, applicable to inflation-adjusted measures and deflators: Changed from 2016 to 2015
  • Start date: Unchanged

The series reside in the historical catalog:

  • Belgium » National Accounts » by Expenditure » Quarterly
  • Belgium » National Accounts » by Value Add » Quarterly » 2015 prices
  • Belgium » National Accounts » by Expenditure » Discontinued » ... » 2016 prices
  • Belgium » National Accounts » by Value Add » Discontinued » 2016 prices, 1995 to 2019

Please be aware that

Where necessary, we have renamed series to explicitly indicate that the inflation-adjustment method is chained prices, not constant prices. For such series, please see the attached concordance. You will need to amend baskets and other legacy retrievals.

  • NAC· » NAH· = Chained prices (35 series)
  • NAJ· » NAK· = Chained volume index (6 series)
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