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Mnemonic Change: Kosovo - IMF World Economic Outlook
Tuesday, 24 Jul 2012 16:42 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
July 2012 -- We have standardized the geo code for Kosovo in our IMF World Economic Outlook database, from "IUVK" to "IUNK" (25 annual series).

In an effort to standardize and simplify the geography codes used in Data Buffet, we have renamed the 25 series in the IMF World Economic Outlook that pertain to Kosovo.  We have changed their geo codes from IUVK to IUNK.  (Over 3,500 other series in other databases already used IUNK.)  For example:


Please note that IUNK is provisional.  We generally model our national geo codes after the ISO standard, but as of July 24, 2012, the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency has not yet designated an official code for Kosovo.  When it does, we will review our usage.

If you have legacy baskets: Use of the old mnemonics will elicit a "series not found" error. To aid in migrating your baskets, a concordance between the old and new mnemonics appears in the attached Microsoft Excel file.

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