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Data Change: Denmark - RSI - Reporting aggregates
Wednesday, 02 Oct 2019 03:05 ET
By Rushil Walia
September 2019 -- For the detailed "Retail Trade Index" for Denmark, the source suppressed 18 individual branches, and has replaced them with aggregates (18 monthly series 2000 to 2018, replaced by 10 from 2000). We have also added two series.

In a direct communication, the source explained:

It is true that quite a few of the categories have the 2000-2018 tag [which] means that they have been merged with other categories. So, for example [...] 472100, 472600 and 472900 have been merged into one category. We have had to do this with a number of categories because some of them have become too slim (not enough companies within them).

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the suppressed branches (2000m1 to 2018m12) by marking them as "discontinued" in their metadata and catalog location.
  2. Created their replacement aggregates, which start at 2000m1.
  3. Created two series that we did not previously include, so that our extract is complete.

Properties of the dataset are unchanged.

The series reside in the historical catalog (Denmark » Consumer » Retail sales index » 2015=100 » Detailed sectors).

Suppressed branches:

  • 472100 Retail sale of fruit and vegetables in specialized stores
  • 472600 Retail sale of tobacco products in specialized stores
  • 472900 Other retail sale of food in specialized stores
  • 474100 Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialized stores
  • 474200 Retail sale of telecommunications equipment in specialized stores
  • 474300 Retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores
  • 475920 Retail sale of furnishing fabrics
  • 475940 Retail sale of musical instruments
  • 475990 Retail sale of furniture, lighting equipment and household articles n.e.c. in specialized stores
  • 476100 Retail sale of books in specialized stores
  • 476200 Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialized stores
  • 476300 Retail sale of music and video recordings in specialized stores
  • 476410 Retail sale of sporting and camping equipment
  • 476430 Retail sale of pleasure boats and supplies
  • 476500 Retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores
  • 477210 Retail sale of footwear
  • 477220 Retail sale of leather goods
  • 477300 Dispensing chemist in specialized stores
  • 477400 Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialized stores
  • 477500 Retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialized stores
  • 477820 Retail sale of photographic, optical and precision equipment
  • 477830 Retail sale of gift articles and craftwork
  • 477840 Activities of commercial art galleries
  • 477900 Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores
  • 479110 Retail sale via mail order houses
  • 479900 Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

New aggregates:

  • Retail sale of food, fruit and vegetables, tobacco products in specialised stores (472100, 472600, 472900)
  • Retail sale of information and communication equipment in specialised stores (474100, 474200, 474300)
  • Retail sale of textiles, electrical household appliances in specialised stores (475100, 475920, 475940, 475990)
  • Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationery in specialised stores (476100, 476200)
  • Retail sale of games, toys and music and video recordings in specialized stores (476300, 476500)
  • Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialised stores (477210, 477220)
  • Dispensing chemist, orthopaedic goods and cosmetic in specialised stores (477300, 477400, 477500)
  • Retail sale of second-hand goods in stores and other retail sale of new goods in specialised stores (477820, 477830, 477840, 477900)
  • Other retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets and retail sale of digital products via Internet (479120, 479900)

We also added:

  • 479119 Retail sale of other goods n.e.c. via internet
  • Retail sale via stalls and markets (478100, 478200, 478900)
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