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TitleUsing Data Buffet: View mode
AuthorPhillip Thorne

How can I use the View mode of Data Buffet?


The View mode allows you to inspect and experiment with a small number of time series before putting them in a saved workpiece (a basket, chart or map) or expanding the retrieval.  Each time series appears as a vertical tabulation with two columns, containing date and value.  Like the other modules of Data Buffet, each View workpiece appears as a tab in the right-hand pane.  You can open, switch between, and close View workpieces; you cannot save them, but can download the contents to a spreadsheet.

How to activate View mode

  • From the catalog - Drill down to a concept, pass through the Geo Wizard, and pick "View Data" from the lower-right multi-button.
  • From the upper-right search box - Enter a mnemonic, pick View from the adjoining drop-down, and hit the Go button.

Add more series

A View workpiece can show multiple series; each new series is appended to the right, and a horizontal scrollbar will appear.  You can mix series of different frequencies; series with a common frequency are grouped together and share a date column.

  • From the catalog - Use the Geo Wizard again, but pick "Add Series" to append to the active tab.
  • From within the View workpiece - Use the "Add Series" button in the tab's menubar.

What you can view

  • Native series
  • Formulas based on native series

How series are displayed

  • Description metadata and geography name - In the grey header.
  • Mnemonic
  • Source metadata
  • Use the Decimals drop-down to change the number of displayed decimal places.
  • For Moody's Analytics estimated and forecast series, forecasted periods will be shown in red.

How to analyze

  • Change the data range - Use the controls in the upper-right of the tab's menubar.  Similar controls appear in all modes.
  • Standard analytic transformations - Use the Transformation drop-down.  Only the five simplest transformations are available, whereas Basket and Chart modes provide an "advanced" transformation dialog.  Or, "Add series" an explicit formula.
  • Convert frequency - Use the Frequency drop-down.

Operate on a single series: the "Actions" icons

  • Red magnifying glass - Learn more in the Mnemonic 411 entry for the series.
  • Blue basket - Create a Basket workpiece with one series.  To convert the entire workpiece, use the "Send to" menu.
  • Bar chart - Create a Chart workpiece with one series
  • Grey rubbish bin - Delete the series (column) from the View workpiece

Operate on the entire workpiece: the menubar

  • Download Data - Exports a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that resembles the View workpiece, with the mnemonic, description, source, transformation, frequency, periods (dates) and values.  For more control, create a Basket.
  • Sent to » New Chart - Create a new Chart workpiece containing all of the series with default line formatting.  Note: Charts are limited to ten series.
  • Send to » New Basket - Create a new Basket workpiece containing all of the series.
  • Sent to » Open workpiece - Append the series to any Basket or Chart workpiece that is active (i.e., is in an open tab).