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New Geos: Spain - Metro Areas
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012 16:43 ET
By Georges Fadel
October 2011 -- For purposes of estimation and forecasting in Spain, we have defined nine metropolitan areas based upon the ESPON Project.

For purposes of the Moody's Analytics estimated and forecast data products, we have created geography codes for metropolitan areas in Spain.  Inconveniently, Spain itself has no official definition.  Instead, we have utilized definitions published in the final report of the ESPON Project 1.4.3, and use nine of the eleven metro areas defined therein (Madrid, Barcelona, and seven of the nine regional metropolises).

The ESPON study formulated consistent metropolitan area definitions for 29 European countries. ESPON 1.1.1 produced a list of functional urban areas (FUAs) based on population in standardized NUTS-type areas; ESPON 1.4.3 made corrections to this list and added the concept of a morphological urban area (MUA), or core, such that a FUA consists of a core plus a surrounding labor pool. This is akin to the OMB's methodology for U.S. core-based statistical areas.


Table 1 of 1. Metropolitan areas in Spain. Each area is an aggregate of one or more NUTS 3 or NUTS 2 regions. Spain has a national geo code of IESP, all codes for its geographic subdivisions use IESP as a prefix, and all Moody's Analytics metro areas feature the letter M. Each of the 9 areas is identified as IESP(underscore)M(letter)(letter)(letter), and may be retrieved en masse by using the basket geo wild card IESP_M^^^.

Geo Code Description Geo Type NUTS
IESP_MBAR Barcelona MA metro area  
IESP_BAR Barcelona   NUTS 3
IESP_MBIL Bilbao MA metro area  
IESP_VIZ Vizcaya   NUTS 3
IESP_MPLM Las Palmas de Gran Canarias MA metro area  
IESP_PLM Las Palmas   NUTS 3
IESP_MMAD Madrid MA metro area  
IESP_MAD Madrid   NUTS 3
IESP_MMAL Malaga MA metro area  
IESP_MAL Malaga   NUTS 3
IESP_MAST Oviedo-Gijon-Aviles MA metro area  
IESP_PA Asturias   NUTS 2
IESP_MSEV Sevilla MA metro area  
IESP_SEV Sevilla   NUTS 3
IESP_MVAL Valencia MA metro area  
IESP_VAL Valencia   NUTS 3
IESP_MZAR Zaragoza MA metro area  
IESP_ZAR Zaragoza   NUTS 3