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Estimates Revision: Malaysia - GDP by industry - Method
Thursday, 10 Oct 2019 16:17 ET
By Kelli Johnson
October 2019 -- To enhance our estimates of national gross domestic product by industry and to better align with our subnational estimates method, Moody's Analytics has revised our national estimates method (56 quarterly series impacted from 1991).

Motivation: Since June 2019, Moody's Analytics has estimated GDP by industry for Malaysia. To improve quality, we have changed our choice of industry shares used to back-extend the active series.

Quarterly GDP for Malaysia is now reported by single industry branches under the MSIC 2008 industry classification at 2015 prices (starting at 2015Q1) and at 2010 prices (2010Q1 to 2018Q4). Earlier subsets use broad industry aggregates.

Before: We extended the active series (a breakdown of single industry branches) using the industry shares of NA?_05UQ.IMYS, which is divided into only five broad aggregates, over the interval 1991Q1 to 2010Q1.

After: To account for the MSIC 2000-MSIC 2008 classification break, we added "manufacturing" to the share of the triplet "water supply", "construction", and "information and communication".

What you will see: Revisions to all national estimates from 1991Q1. Additionally, we have corrected the unit-descriptor metadata from "Mil. Ch. 2015 MYR" to "Mil. 2015 MYR", i.e., figures are at constant prices, not chained prices. All other properties remain unchanged (see background in Mnemonic 411).

The series reside in the historical catalog (Malaysia » National Accounts » by Value Added » Moody's Analytics Estimated).

Method: Please refer to the background documentation in Mnemonic 411.

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