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Estimates Extension: Luxembourg - Household income
Thursday, 08 Nov 2018 09:09 ET
By Kelli Johnson
November 2018 -- For the Moody's Analytics estimates of net household income for Luxembourg, we have extended the history by 18 years, back to 1995 (two quarterly series impacted).

Motivation: To create our quarterly estimates we use data provided by STATEC Luxembourg, which recently published additional history in the annual sector accounts (see related article).

Response: We utilized the additional history to extend our estimates over the interval 1995Q1 to 2012Q4.

Properties: Properties are otherwise unchanged except that, since inception, we have added a U.S. dollar-valued estimate.

  • Measurement: Millions of U.S. dollars (Mil. USD) or euros (Mil. EUR)
  • Adjustment: Seasonally adjusted at an annualized rate (SAAR)
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Start date: 1995Q1

The series reside in the historical catalog (Luxembourg » Income » Household Disposable Income) and are:

  • RYPDPIQ.ILUX    = Disposable Income of Households incl. NPISH - Net consumption of fixed capital, (Mil. EUR, SAAR)

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