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TitleHow To: Power Tools - Concurrency Violation
AuthorPhillip Thorne

When using Moody's Analytics Power Tools for Microsoft Office ("the add-in"), what is a "concurrency violation," and how can I resolve it?


According to your Data Buffet contract, each login (user-ID/password) may be used by only one person, and by only one computer (IP address) at a time.  The following circumstances are detected as a "concurrency violation," which prevents further activity:

  • Several people log in concurrently (i.e., at the same time) under a single user-ID.
  • One person moves between computers without logging out.
  • One person receives a replacement computer without logging out of the old one.

If while using Power Tools (in Excel, PowerPoint or Word) you receive a "concurrency violation" error message to that effect, do the following:

  1. If possible, download and install the latest version of the Power Tools add-in.
    1. If using Version 8, the "About Power Tools" dialog has a "Check for Updates" button.
    2. Download from: DataBuffet.com » Tools menu » Power Tools. 
    3. You will need Administrator privileges to install.
    4. Please follow the tips on the bottom of the page -- Microsoft Office add-ins can be tricky.
  2. If using Version 7 (July 2010):
    1. In Excel (or PowerPoint or Word), open the "Data Buffet Options" menu.  If necessary, re-enter your user-ID and password.  (These are the same credentials to log on to DataBuffet.com.)
    2. On the Security tab you'll see a new section: "Concurrency Error?"  Press the button to log out any and all other computers using this login.
  3. If using Version 8 (July 2013):
    1. On the Power Tools ribbon, open the "Account" dialog.
    2. If prompted, log in, then re-open the dialog.
    3. Otherwise, if the text "Concurrency violation? Log out from other computers" appears, click the "Log out" text.  A yellow message "Concurrency records have been cleared" will appear in the upper-right corner of the dialog box; the box will then close.
  4. Otherwise, please contact us by LiveHelp! or telephone, and we can clear the error on your behalf.